LCS/LEC Summer Split Week 2: Best Value Picks


In order to win big in E1 Fantasy, you want to find VALUE! I’m not just talking about getting your money back, I’m talking about getting what you paid for AND some more.


What is value? Well in a perfect world, the highest-priced player at a position would score the most points and so on down; they would all provide value based on their price. We don’t want to be average though, we want more. So we are looking for the players who will score much higher than their price suggests, returning extra value.


In order to help you find these value players, we provided two options at each of the six lineup spots; one for LCS and one for LEC (because everything is better with a little NA vs EU rivalry in there).




Eric "Licorice" Ritchie — Cloud9 — $320,000 (vs Evil Geniuses & Golden Guardians)


This is a tough week, and personally, I think Top is the most difficult position on a weekly basis. So how about we just take the guaranteed results at the position? Even if he doesn’t lead the position, he is a lock for Top 5 as long as C9 is a lock for a 2-0 week (which I don’t see ending anytime soon).


Finn "Finn" Wiestål — Rogue — $240,000 (vs Team Vitality & G2 Esports)  


The question on everybody’s mind… How good is Rogue? They looked incredible Week 1 and Finn was a large reason why as he finished 4th among all Tops in Fantasy scoring. However, can Rogue beat G2? That seems a lot more realistic after watching OG and VIT beat G2 just last weekend. If you are a believer in Rogue, then you need Finn up Top.




Raymond "Wiggily" Griffin — Counter Logic Gaming — $200,000 (vs Golden Guardians & Dignitas)


Probably the most forgotten player in the LCS, people don’t really pay attention to Wiggily (some of you may just now be learning who he is). However, this week he is the perfect combination of discount price and favorable schedule. CLG vs GG can go either way, but if it goes in favor of CLG, Wiggily will win a lot of people their week. Also, probs best flow in LCS with Sneaky gone. 


Iván "Razork" Martín Díaz — Misfits — $250,000 (vs SK Gaming & FC Schalke 04)


It was an underwhelming start of the season for Spring’s Rookie of the Split. You can cut him some slack though after realizing he went against both of the currently best teams in the LEC. His schedule is MUCH softer this week and allows Misfits to start that crazy run that they had in Spring.



Tristan "PowerOfEvil" Schrage — FlyQuest — $310,000 (vs TSM & Dignitas) 


Thought POE’s 2nd place finish in Fantasy Points per Game at the position in Spring was a fluke? Well wipe that egg off your face and start believing. He finished 3rd at the position after Week 1 and that is including a loss to C9. TSM has already shown everybody that they aren’t living up to the hype yet and POE should have a huge week as he hammers that point home some more.


Emil "Larssen" Larsson — Rogue — $290,000 (vs Team Vitality & G2 Esports)


The same questions I included when talking about Finn apply here as well, but we know the answer to the other question: Who is Rogue's main source of Kills. That is Larssen, the only player to already have two games over 30 fantasy points. If G2 doesn’t have their act together in their games against Rogue, Larssen will reign as the most desirable Fantasy Mid in the LEC by week’s end.




Sun "Cody Sun" Li-Yu — 100 Thieves — $240,000 (vs Team Liquid & Immortals)


100 Thieves has not been getting any love, mainly because their schedule has not allowed them to do so. However, Cody Sun is about as safe as Bots can get. 100 Thieves lost both their games handily and guess how many times Cody Sun died? Once. His lack of deaths protect you from bottoming out, and we all remember his insane fantasy finish to Spring. This is a rare case of a Bot laner being safe and cheap.


Juš "Crownshot" Marušič — SK Gaming — $240,000 (vs Misfits & Excel Esports)


Crownshot has always had an amazing ability to produce in Fantasy even when his team was at the bottom of the standings. He has finished Top 10 at the position the last 2 splits, even as SK lost a lot more than they won. Now he is on a team with some actual hope. He has shown his fantasy floor, now we may be able to start to see his ceiling.




Andy "Smoothie" Ta — Counter Logic Gaming — $110,000 (vs Golden Guardians & Dignitas)


Wow, 2 CLG players in the same article. What year is it? So similar to Wiggily, Smoothie makes for a strong budget option at a position that you don’t get punished for going budget in. Smoothie is as cheap as I can go while still being able to look myself in the mirror and say that his team can go 2-0 this week. Also similar to Wiggily, solid flow.


Oskar "Vander" Bogdan — Rogue — $150,000 (vs Team Vitality & G2 Esports)


You want to make sure your Support is involved in all the action right? Maybe even snag a Kill or two for himself in there? Well about how a Support that just went 2/0/20 in a game where his team got 23 Kills? As Rogue continues to roll, so will Vander.




Team Liquid — $270,000 (vs 100 Thieves & Evil Geniuses)


There was not an LCS team that made a bigger statement than Team Liquid in Week 1. Led by Doublelift’s replacement in Tactical, TL showed that everybody should be giving them the same respect that they did when crowning them pre-Spring. EG will be a tough match, but the reward for the win with TL in your lineup will be worth it.


SK Gaming — $220,000 (vs Misfts & Excel Esports)


Another team that made a massive statement in Week 1, SK Gaming was actually the highest-scoring Team of the week! Want to hear a crazy stat? SK’s total of Dragons/Barons/Rift Heralds Kills in both of their first 2 games… 7! They know they aren’t the most talented fighting team, so they are going to win through objectives, translating over perfectly to Team points.

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