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GAM and BDS Advance to the Swiss Stage at Worlds 2023



▲ Source: LoL Esports


On Oct. 15, the final qualifiers of the Play-In Stage for the 2023 LoL World Championship were held. In the first match, Team Whales faced GAM Esports, and in the second match, PSG Talon faced Team BDS to gain the last tickets to the Swiss Stage. 


In the first game, GAM Esports had a good start. Although Team Whales initially took the lead, GAM Esports, with a keen eye for capitalizing on their opponent's mistakes, gradually gained the upper hand. As Team Whales' mistakes increased, GAM Esports seized control and clinched consecutive teamfights for victory.


As it was a high-stakes match, with the last ticket to the Swiss Stage on the line, Team Whales staged a robust comeback. Dominating the early stages of game 2 and expertly snowballing their advantages, Team Whales managed to build a lead of over 10,000 gold and secured the win.


Games 3 and 4, witnessed intense back-and-forth battles. While GAM Esports generally held the lead, Team Whales sporadically unleashed powerful teamfights. However, ultimately, GAM Esports managed to keep the lead, winning late-game teamfights to conclude the contest, and ultimately, securing their passage to the Swiss stage.


▲ Source: LoL Esports


The second match featured PSG Talon and Team BDS. In game 1, both teams seemed to be quite careful in the early game. Trading only one kill each in the early game, the game remained quite even until the 27-minute mark, when PSG Talon secured the third dragon, accelerating the pace of the game. PSG Talon, in a pivotal teamfight for the Ocean dragon soul, secured kills and later obtained the Baron, marching to victory in Game 1.


PSG Talon's momentum continued into Game 2. With Jax making strategic moves around the map, gaining advantages, and enabling other lanes to flourish, PSG Talon maintained an aggressive stance. They continually made kills and claimed victory after securing the dragon soul.


In game 3, Team BDS initiated a comeback. Although PSG Talon held the advantage in the early game, Team BDS began a chase by securing kills in the bot lane. In the Rift Herald teamfight, Team BDS had a big win and gained control. They remained proactive in following battles, utilizing Olaf as their spearhead. Consistently gaining advantages in objective skirmishes, Team BDS took game 3.


Team BDS picked Garen in game 4, securing early kills and taking the lead. Although PSG Talon struck back, whenever they scored, they faced setbacks in the top lane. As Garen rapidly grew stronger, even collecting multiple solo kills, PSG Talon faced inevitable defeat.


In game 5, accompanied by the iconic Silver Scrapes, Darius entered the stage. Team BDS once again enjoyed a strong start, taking the lead. PSG Talon tried to recover by taking advantage of their opponent's weaknesses and eventually destroyed two inhibitors to take the lead. However, after Team BDS had a huge teamfight win as they secured the Cloud dragon soul and aced PSG Talon. With that, Team BDS completed a remarkable reverse sweep.


Through today’s matches, GAM Esports and Team BDS advanced to the Swiss Stage. GAM Esports will face Gen.G, and Team BDS will face JD Gaming.

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