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LLL Ceos: "If Brazil manages to send another team, that can significantly aid our region."



Source: LoL Esports

In Inven Global's candid chat with Denilson "Ceos" Oliveira, key insights emerge about LOUD's strategic setbacks at the League of Legends World Championship and the adjustments they're eyeing, particularly in their draft and early game tactics. Ceos highlights the unbreakable camaraderie and problem-solving ethos that distinguishes LOUD as Brazil's premier team.



From reminiscing about the vibrant Brazilian crowds to acknowledging the calm focus in Korea, Ceos underscores the thrill and honor of competing internationally. More crucially, he outlines the collective mission: performing robustly at Worlds to secure additional slots for Brazil in future tournaments, thereby boosting the region's global competitive presence.



What do you believe were the biggest things that went wrong during this series?


Our draft wasn't the best, and analyzing what they went through, they were very comfortable. They're a team that snowballs very fast when they retain control of the early game.


The first game was pretty hard, but they had an opportunity to come back, yet didn't end up having the best result. The second one was just a very hard option for coming back into the game.


LOUD managed to defeat PSG at MSI — what do you think the biggest differences in what you’ve seen regarding how they approached the games compared to last time?


The only difference is the new player they have in mid, Maple. Generally, he has a very strong lane phase, and compared to the former player, it's very hard to play against him because he can always be ahead here and there. Then, speaking generally, the team has another ace to go for the early game fights.


Source: LoL Esports


As you go into your next matches, what do you think your biggest focus will be to have more success?


We should focus more on our drafts. We need to be comfortable with our picks and perhaps work harder for a more solid early game. I reckon this is something we were missing in this game, and it seems many teams here focus a lot on the early game, having a solid strategy for it.


You’ve been around the Brazilian scene for a very long time. LOUD is obviously a special lineup — arguably the most successful in Brazil's history — compared to other teams, why do you think LOUD is able to be so successful?


Compared to other teams I've played on, I feel these five players understand each other very well. We fit nicely within the game, and outside of it, we're very friendly, always talking about LoL.


In this team, everyone has a desire to improve, so when a problem arises, we try to solve it without anyone taking it personally. That's the biggest difference. Everyone here is always open to discussing solutions to any issue. That makes a significant difference.


If there's a problem, we'll sit down and try to solve it. That's one of our strongest points.


You’ve also competed in many different regions — you’ve competed in North America, Europe, and now Korea — how has it been practicing and competing in Korea compared to other regions?


The biggest difference would be the soloqueue in Korea, which is better compared to others I've played. But in terms of training, we're already able to train with Europe and NA, teams we also trained with during MSI. So, the training aspect doesn't change much.


Mostly, it's just as we did in MSI; many other regions came here to practice as well. So we ended up having good matches. But if I had to point out something different, it would be the strong Korean soloqueue, the key point that differs from other regions. Because overall, we had practice games with all the other regions too. Besides that, it was all good.


What about playing with the crowd? Brazil is known for having some of the most energetic crowds. How would you say the Korean audience and their energy compares to back home?


It's just different, you know? If you ask me, it's easier. Because in Brazil, so much screaming can even get in the way of the game. Here, they tend to be more calm and collected. Sometimes the noise can actually disturb the game as well. But that's pretty much the difference we have.


Source: LoL Esports


Which of the regions — Korea, NA, and EU — have you found the most enjoyment competing in?


It's hard to choose one: Korea and Europe, specifically London. I was very surprised during MSI in London because there were so many Brazilians in the crowd. It's something I'll never forget. But on the other hand, Korea is the land of all the great players that came before. Since back in the day, I watched a lot of the game matches they had. So it's an honor to represent my team here.


Besides the competition, what's been your favorite part about being in Korea?


Meeting new places has always been something I enjoyed immensely. And Korea, obviously I didn't know much about it yet, but it feels like a very beautiful place. Korea has so many things to show; it's so wonderful, so pretty.


What do you think are some steps to improve the competitiveness of your region?


One important thing everyone here is to do well in this World Championship, so Brazil can secure another spot, not only in this championship but also in future tournaments. If Brazil manages to send another team, that can significantly aid our region.


Also, going abroad now and absorbing a lot from the World Championship is crucial. It's important for us, upon our return to Brazil next year, to pass this knowledge to other teams and strengthen the region as a whole. These two things, in the short term, could make Brazil a stronger region.


On the short side, if we had to highlight crucial elements, performing well in the Championship and potentially securing another team placement for Brazil would be key. Sending another team abroad means learning a lot, and being able to collect this knowledge and bring it back, rather than gatekeeping it within one team, would be very good for the entire region.


This interview was condensed and edited for length and clarity.



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