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R7 Bong: "Nuguri is my role model."



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The 2023 LoL World Championship started on Oct. 10 with the clash between Movistar R7 and PSG Talon. Movistar R7 arrived at LoL Park with determination, but they couldn't overcome PSG Talon, who were the semifinalists at MSI 2023. Expressing his disappointment after the match, Cho “Bong” Bo-woong vowed to deliver a better performance in the next game.



Today was your first Worlds match. Weren’t you nervous?


I was a bit nervous before I came to LoL Park, but as soon as I sat down to play, the nervousness went away. It’s a bit disappointing that we lost very smoothly.


You’ve never played on a pro team in Korea and made your debut in the TCL. How did you start there?


Early last year, I hit about 1,000 RP in solo queue, and an agency contacted me. That’s how I went to NASR Turkey.


How was it adapting to a new environment?


When I first went to Turkey, my English was really bad, so it was difficult to communicate, but after a while, I got used to it. This year, it got much more comfortable for me. I think my English has gotten much better than when I first went abroad.


You had good results in the TCL and it continued after joining Movistar R7. How do you think you were able to get good results so fast?


First of all, my teammates were really good, and I also worked really hard as well. That’s probably how I was able to get good results.

What’s the biggest strength of Movistar R7?


Our biggest strength is our crisp teamfighting, but it feels that we didn’t do anything in today’s match as we lost. Next time, I want to do better and win by executing great teamfights.


You also went to the MSI. It was your first international tournament. How was it?


Obviously, I was nervous. But since it was my first international stage, I had more expectations than worries. It was a fun experience.


It’s only the first day of Worlds now. You should be interpreting the meta through scrims or solo queue. What do you think about the meta?


Mages appear a lot in the mid lane, and it’s a good meta to snowball through securing early game objectives. As for the top lane, it’s pretty well-balanced. All champions have a proper counter.


It hasn’t been that long since you appeared in the competitive LoL Esports scene. Who did you look up to before your debut?


When I first started LoL, I was in fifth grade. Back then, I only looked up to Faker. As I started to prepare to become a pro player, I mostly watched Nuguri and tried to follow his plays, so Nuguri is my role model. Among the players at this Worlds, I learned a lot by watching Zeus.


Are there any players you’d like to face at this Worlds?


First, I want to face BDS Adam. He has a unique champion pool and style of play compared to other top laners, so I want to face him. If I can make it through the Play-ins, I want to face TheShy. I watched a lot of his VODs from long ago, so I’m a fan.


Which team do you think will win Worlds this year?


I think it’ll either be JDG or Gen.G. As everyone knows, they’re all great players. Especially their mid and bot laners — the damage dealers are the best in the world.


Any last comments?


It’s regretful that we lost so helplessly on the first day. Those who have been watching us would lower expectations, but we’ll work hard so that we can show a better performance in the next match. Please cheer for us.


▲ Source: LoL Esports

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