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PSG Wako: "I think LCK teams got better in the summer..."



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As PSG Talon gears up for the League of Legends World Championship, Inven Global caught up with Tsou "Wako" Wei-Yang to discuss the team's transformative year, marked by key roster changes and intense training. From learning through scrims against competitive giants like Deft to preparing for challenges from teams in Play-Ins, Wako reveals insights into his personal growth, the team's strategies, and their ambitions on the international stage. The interview also highlights PSG's impact on the PCS region and the competitive landscape they're stepping into, spotlighting the thrilling matchups and potential regional showdowns anticipated at Worlds.


This is the most successful year of your career - how does it feel coming into Worlds with PSG Talon having such strong results throughout the year? 


I'm, of course, very happy. This is the first time our five playing as a group. So it's really nice to have such a great result.


The team had okay results at MSI, but finished in ninth place. Since then you’ve added Maple, what would you say are the biggest differences of having Maple as your mid laner compared to Uniboy?


The biggest difference with Maple joining is his aggressive playstyle. He possesses extensive game knowledge and provided substantial information, offering significant direction for our strategies.


What about from a teammate perspective - has he changed the dynamic of the team at all?


Personality-wise, there hasn't been much change, as Maple's demeanor is quite similar to Uniboy's. The transition has been smooth with no significant differences noted.


You’ve had some time to practice in scrims — who has been the strongest bot laner you’ve played against so far?


We've scrimmed with DK, and I must say, Deft is exceptionally good. Facing him for the first time in scrims, I realized he possesses numerous qualities I can learn from.


Was there anything you learned or insights gained about your own game from competing against him?


I personally prefer an aggressive style, while everyone knows that Deft isn't as aggressive. Competing against him, I've learned how to handle those nuances, like managing lane details and team positioning. He excels at playing defensively or from the weak side. My experiences against him have been incredibly informative, particularly regarding his positioning and approach to lane play from a less dominant stance.


How about regarding teams? 


Our practice sessions have included BDS, whose bot laner is also highly aggressive, making the games quite challenging.


Your team lost at MSI to Golden Guardians. What are your thoughts of the NA teams at this event - Cloud9, NRG, and Team Liquid. Do you think they’re very good?


We've played against C9 at MSI, so we know they're a very good team. As for NRG, I don't know much about them, but if they can beat C9, they're a strong team. They won against C9 in the summer split, so they must be good too.


Who are you most excited to play against — both in the bottom lane and for teams?


The team I want to face is JDG, particularly their bot lane. For me, Ruler stands out as the best AD carry in the game at the moment. I'm eager to compete against him and experience that challenge firsthand.


What do you most admire about Ruler's playstyle?


He plays aggressively, exerting maximum pressure on enemy teams, and maintains that intensity with his experience and mechanics. As his opponent, you feel immense pressure, making it challenging to compete against him.


Most have JDG winning, do you think there is much of a gap between Korea and China?


We'll have to wait until they play against each other. Despite JDG winning MSI, there's still the whole summer split to consider. I think LCK teams got better in the summer, so I don't know. They have to play each other. 


PSG has consistently been a prominent representative for your region over the years. In your opinion, how does the current iteration of the team stack up in terms of international representation?


Since the inception of PCS, PSG made a landmark appearance at Worlds. That experience sparked a desire in many players to compete internationally or to achieve significant results, leading them to consider joining PSG. So, it's not surprising to me that PSG has managed to maintain such strong performance.


Since MSI, what do you believe the team has focused on the most to improve and achieve better results at international events?


Individually, we've concentrated our efforts significantly, encompassing both mechanics and understanding. Our experience at MSI revealed our shortcomings on a personal level, prompting us to focus intensely on refining our own skills.


Lastly, are there any specific steps you believe could be taken to enhance the overall competitiveness within the PCS region?


Strong players certainly elevate the game's competitiveness. For instance, Gori joined PSG last year, and this year we acquired Jinja. The inclusion of such internationally acclaimed players contributes substantially to enhancing the region's overall prowess.


This interview was condensed and edited for length and clarity.

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