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Ranking the Top 5 Supports Competing at Worlds 2023




22 teams from around the world have gathered to declare the best team in League of Legends esports in 2023. With less than a week to go for the 2023 LoL World Championship, the teams have gone into their final practice sessions to aim for the Summoner’s Cup, and we will soon be able to witness the best and most important games of the year.


In the heart of every competitive League of Legends team lies a guardian of unparalleled importance, the support. These players, selflessly dedicating themselves to their comrades' success, are the unsung heroes of the game. Today, we shine a well-deserved spotlight on Inven Global's top 5 supports.


▲ Source: LoL Esports


Luo "ON" Wen-Jun used to be a player with high peaks but inconsistent performances, but since his transfer to Bilibili Gaming, his stability improved significantly, propelling the team's upward trajectory. ON played a crucial role in Bilibili Gaming's late-season surge in the spring with his amazing playmaking ability. This momentum carried through to the MSI and the summer season, where he maintained a consistent level of performance.


ON and Bilibili Gaming secured a runner-up finish at the MSI and concluded the regular season in the summer in 1st place. While his death count may be somewhat high, his skill shots are top-notch, earning him a well-deserved place in the All-LPL 1st team for the summer season. ON will now embark on Bilibili Gaming’s journey at Worlds for the top spot.

4. KT Lehends

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After departing from Gen.G, Son "Lehends" Si-woo found his place as KT Rolster's support and elevated his strengths to a new level. His audacious fight engaging and aggressive vision control started to shine in the spring season. When his bot lane partner, Kim “Aiming” Ha-ram gained more stability in the summer season, Lehends’ strengths were magnified, leading to the team’s best run in organization history.


Lehends' proactive roaming and ability to accelerate the game's pace were exceptional, making him the linchpin of KT Rolster's macro. He was the best support throughout the regular season and played a crucial role in propelling the team to a 1st-place finish with a 16-game winning streak. While they finished in 3rd place in the playoffs after a defeat against T1, Lehends' regular-season performance earned him the Season MVP award. Fans are now eager to see how he performs at Worlds.

3. GEN Delight

▲ Source: LCK


Although he didn't garner much attention in his first two years as a pro player, after joining Gen.G, Yoo "Delight" Hwan-joong’s evaluation changed completely. Fighting alongside Kim “Peyz” Soo-hwan, Delight’s performance improved game after game along with his bot lane buddy. Initially known as a player that excels in teamfight initiation, Delight’s ability to pressure the opponent in the laning phase and roam is exceptional. Especially, his performance playing Rakan is remarkable.


While during the spring season, Delight’s games relied much on the team’s strong top side, but as the season progressed, he gradually changed into a reliable support. Together with the team, Delight clinched the championship title in both the spring and summer seasons, as he earned the honor of being named to the All-LCK 2nd team for the summer season, a first in his career. Having stepped onto the international stage for the first time at MSI, Delight is now gearing up for his second international appearance.


▲ Source: LoL Esports


Lou "MISSING" Yun-Feng is a player known for his exceptional skill shots and solid fundamentals. In 2023, with Park “Ruler” Jae-hyuk’s transfer to JD Gaming, MISSING found the perfect partner, becoming an indispensable asset to the team. His wide champion pool, remarkable playmaking abilities, and consistency make him a well-rounded support player for his teammates, who all have the ability to super-carry when the situation comes.


With JD Gaming, MISSING achieved the remarkable feat of winning the Spring Split, MSI, and the Summer Split as well. His contributions did not go unnoticed, as he earned a spot on the All-LPL 2nd team for both the spring and summer seasons, marking his third consecutive appearance on the 2nd team. In this year's Worlds, he and JD Gaming are poised to gain the Grand Slam title.

1. T1 Keria


As one of the players that appear the most often on this list, Ryu “Keria” Mi-seok lives up to his nickname, ‘genius monster’. Keria is known for his unmatched mechanics and playmaking abilities, and his playstyle revolves around a well-balanced approach to the game, combining strong fundamentals with an exceptional understanding of the game, which allows him to have top-notch shotcalling abilities. Keria also has an incredibly vast champion pool — during the Spring season, he led the meta, showcasing a staggering 17 different champions from the support role.


His performance earned him a spot on the All-Pro 1st team, and he achieved the remarkable feat of winning both Player of the Split and Season MVP. When Lee "Faker" Sang-hyeok was absent due to injury during the summer season, Keria couldn’t make a big difference in the team’s losing streak, but with Faker's return, Keria's performance once again played a crucial role in T1's journey to the runner-up position. Over the past three years at Worlds, Keria reached the quarterfinals, semifinals, and finals in order. He just might lay his hands on the Summoner’s Cup this time around and wash away the tears he shed last year.

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