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Source: Riot Games

VALORANT is stepping up its game. As hinted earlier, Premier isn't just another mode - it's a realm of heightened competition, a cut above the traditional Ranked. Riot Games has set the stage for an ambitious endeavor. Their vision? To “present an even higher goal beyond Radiant that provides the most competition-hungry players with a rewarding challenge beyond ranked.”


VALORANT Premier is just around the corner. The much-anticipated VALORANT Premier is gearing up for its grand debut, after rigorous testing phases post the culmination of VALORANT Champions 2023. Inven Global provides information on this new mode.

Duration and Schedule of VALORANT Premier

Immerse yourself in an intense seven-week VALORANT Premier journey, with each week spotlighting a unique map, allowing a cap of two duels on each. For those eager to join the Premier Stage, registrations are open from August 29 to September 7. Weekly face-offs are slated from September 7, extending till October 21. And for the grand climax? The Playoff Contest is on October 22, 2023.


Eyeing the VALORANT Premier Playoff face off? A Premier Score of 675 for your team is your ticket in. Furthermore, VALORANT Premier ties in with the esteemed VCT circuit. Those aiming for Tier 2 VALORANT must first prove their mettle in VALORANT Premier. Coinciding with Episode 7 Act II's release on August 29, 2023, participants will find themselves allocated in the official league, battling it out over the seven maps.

A Deep Dive into VALORANT Premier's Five Divisions

In VALORANT Premier, a player's prowess will be keenly observed. By the close of every game phase, players will earn a distinct Division badge.

The hierarchy of Divisions unfolds as:

  • Open
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • Elite
  • Contender

Engage in a Premier Match, and you'll be rewarded with a Player Card. Shine in the Playoffs, and a special Division Gun Buddy and title await you.

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