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T1 Interim Head Coach Tom: "Faker’s still focusing on his treatment."



On Jul. 21, in the 2023 LCK Summer Split, T1 faced Hanwha Life Esports. It was another tough loss for T1, as they fell 0-2. Since Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok couldn’t play due to his injury, T1 only won once. They put up a good fight today, but they weren’t able to win. After the match, interim head coach Lim “Tom” Jae-hyeon and bot laner Lee “Gumayusi” Min-hyeong joined the media for an interview.



How do you evaluate today’s match?


Tom: Today was a very important match for the 3rd place race. We were confident, but we were too hasty, so the result wasn’t good.


Gumayusi: We hurried too much in both games 1 and 2 and fell. It’s really regretful that I could have done better, especially in game 2.


What do you think about fans saying that the other players aren’t doing their roles well after the mid lane change?


Gunayusi: We can’t say that it’s an issue because Faker isn’t here, but it’s true that we’re not playing well. There’s also a mental issue. That appears in games as pressure and hastiness.


How is Faker?


Tom: Faker’s still focusing on his treatment. We’ll be checking whether or not he can play, and if he can, we’ll announce it separately.


It’s likely that T1 will reach the playoffs, but it seems that you should head into the playoffs with the main roster. When would you like Faker to return?


Tom: His condition is the most important, but we’re trying to have him back by the playoffs.


Poby seems to be feeling some pressure. What do you think?


Tom: Poby doesn’t get too nervous or intimidated. I think his laning was really good today. It’s positive that he’s doing well regarding making shotcalls, even though he’s a rookie.


How can he resolve the mental issues?


Gumayusi: While others could help him, it’s important for him to do some mind control himself.


Tom: Some players get therapy. What’s important to overcome the mental issues is confidence.


Any last comments?


Gumayusi: We’re improving slowly and quietly. Since it’s unlikely that we don’t make the playoffs, we’ll prepare well in the playoffs.


Tom: Although we may not be able to finish 3rd, we’ll improve our performance as much as we can to get to the playoffs in the highest rank possible.

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