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T1 Oner: "Picking Kindred again in game 4 was slightly regretful."



In the 2023 Mid-Season Invitational, the two final undefeated teams, T1 and JD Gaming faced each other in the last winner’s bracket. After a full five-game series, JD Gaming came up on top and advanced to the finals first. T1 will face the winner of Gen.G vs. Bilibili Gaming for another chance to the finals. T1 jungler Moon “Oner” Hyeon-joon joined the media to talk about the match.



How was the situation at the last teamfight in game 5? You’ll be facing either Gen.G or BLG. Who do you want to meet?


In the game, we thought it was best if Gwen teleported to the back and initiate a fight. I’m not sure who will make it. Whoever does, we need to play well and beat them.


What do you think you have to improve for the next match?


We keep making mistakes. We say this all the time, but we clearly make mistakes, so it’ll be important to reduce our mistakes.


Although you were behind in game 5, you were able to narrow the gap with the Baron teamfight. Who made the shotcall?


Since they had better vision on the dragon side, we all thought we should fight after luring them toward Baron. When the teamfight started, Sylas was approaching us with Nautilus’ ult, so I marked him. That was the best play I could make, and my teammates did really well too.


Since Worlds 2021, T1 has been losing when the match goes to game 5. Does that record give you any pressure?


Personally, I don’t feel any pressure because of such record, and I don’t think my teammates do either. It’s 2-2 for the opponent, too, so we think about the draft and early game planning more.


How was it facing JD Gaming and Kanavi?


Since we didn’t have much data on JD Gaming, they were the most difficult opponent. I thought they were a good team, and I knew that Kanavi is a good player that enjoys playing Wukong. After facing them, I see that he plays Wukong well and is a good player.


Knight’s Annie and Kanavi’s Wukong had a great performance today. Why didn’t you ban them in game 4?


I think we made a slight mistake after trying to do something else in game 4.


Malphite lost all games at MSI 2023. Why did you pick it? It was the first time Zeus picked Malphite as well.


We didn’t mind the record, and didn’t know that Malphite was winless. We thought it was best to have Malphite in the comp, so we picked it. Although it was the first time Zeus picked Malphite, he has been practicing enough, and he plays Malphite well, so I believe it was the best choice we could make.


You played Nautilus-Kindred in game 1 against Annie-Wukong, but lost. However, you still picked the same in game 4.


We faced the comp in game 1, and it was difficult, so we wanted to change it in game 4, but there was a mistake, so the draft went that way.


Are you planning to change how you practice and the drafting strategies for the remaining games?


I believe we have been practicing well. We could change the way we maintain our conditions, but we’ve been doing that well. We just slipped once, so I think we can still win the championship. We’ll change our drafting strategies if necessary, and there are things we still think we’re good at.


What was the most regretful moment?


I don’t recall any specific moments. Picking Kindred again in game 4 was slightly regretful.


Why did you start a teamfight in a 4v5 situation at Baron?


We’ve won many teamfights even though it was 4v5, and we thought it was alright to start the fight, so we did. The opponent didn’t have any of their ults, and everyone saw the same angle, so we started the teamfight. I think the attempt was good. It’s better to try than to let things go.


How do you evaluate your Kindred performance?


It was alright in scrims, but it was a bit difficult today.

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