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Ranking the top 5 mid laners competing at MSI 2023




The 2023 Mid-Season Invitational is just around the corner. For nearly three weeks, 13 teams from around the world will compete to declare the best team for the spring season. And in those battles, there will be 13 mid laners competing to prove who’s the best. The superstars in this game are often mid laners, and many fans will definitely raise issues with the rankings, but here are the top 5 players competing at MSI 2023.


5. MAD Nisqy


Yasin “Nisqy” Dinçer had a difficult spring as MAD Lions staggered in the regular season. However, it was Nisqy who showed the most consistent performance within the team. When the team slowly got back on track toward the end of the season and in groups, the mid-jungle synergy with Elyoya recovered, and he led MAD Lions’ miracle run to the championship.


Nisqy’s best champion in the spring was Gragas. He played Gragas seven times and won all seven during the spring — in the Silver Scrapes series against G2 Esports, all three wins were on Gragas. This might question Nisqy’s versatility, but you have to remember that he played nine different champions in nine games during the regular season, and against Team Vitality, where Gragas was banned throughout the series, Nisqy played Ahri, Lissandra, and Twisted Fate and had a spectacular performance. At the MSI, Nisqy will aim to reach the highest point in his career.

4. BLG Yagao


Although Bilibili Gaming and Zeng “Yagao” Qi struggled early in the season, their performance improved toward the end, and it was Yagao showing consistent performance leading the team to a winning streak along with the explosive bot duo. Through the winning streak, Bilibili Gaming managed to reach the finals after multiple best-of series. 


Compared to the top-rated mid laners, Yagao’s laning and teamfight ability fall behind. However, when it comes to mages, he becomes a different person. This season, Yagao played Veigar in 11 games, and won eight of them. His Annie was impressive as well, as he went 6-1. As long as the mid lane meta allows him to play mages, he will definitely be a threat to those who challenge him.

3. JDG knight


As the 2nd All Pro Team mid laner, Zhuo “knight” Ding had a spectacular performance this season, delivering a stable performance within the super team. Although he trailed to Scout, who was voted as the MVP and All Pro Team mid laner, knight was the final winner as JD Gaming won the championship. 


Knight is known for his amazing laning ability along with his super mechanics. This season, his best champion was Syndra, which he played eight times, and won all eight. His Ahri was also strong in the playoffs, which went 5-0. Despite being recognized as one of the best mid laners in the world, what knight lacks is an international title, and here he is at MSI 2023.

2. T1 Faker


The GOAT of LoL esports, and maybe even the GOAT of all esports, Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok, is still one of the best. Faker was voted on the All-LCK 1st team along with his teammates this spring, again. All season long, Faker led T1 to a 17-1 record and a runner-up finish. He may have missed his 11th LCK championship, but his class hasn’t declined any bit.


Not much needs to be said about Faker’s champion pool. He played his 75th champion in LCK, with K’Sante being his no. 75. Faker’s most-picked champion was Azir, but his best champion was Gragas, as he won all seven games he played it. It has been a while since T1 and Faker were crowned at an international event, so he will be eager to claim the title again.

1. GEN Chovy


Last summer, Jeong “Chovy” Ji-hoon got rid of the “2nd place” label that followed him through his career as he won the LCK championship. This spring, Chovy managed to win the second consecutive LCK championship, and he is eager for more. Chovy’s biggest ability is his laning capability, as he seldom loses in lane. There won’t be many players that can hold their stand up against Chovy.


Chovy is a very versatile player that can play any champion, and he played a whopping 18 champions in the spring. He can play any style, from playmaking champions, tank champions, all the way to carry champions. He played Taliyah and Azir the most this season, but his best picks were Ahri and Yone. As he is a two-time LCK champion now, he seeks to win an international championship at this MSI.

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