Overwatch community angry after Blizzard punishes Florida Mayhem for fun play



Image via Blizzard Entertainment


The Overwatch community is confused by a ruling made by Overwatch League officials. During a match against the Paris Eternals, two Florida Mayhem players orchestrated a unique combo with Mei and Symmetra.


At the start of the round, Mei placed an Ice Wall on top of the roof, something that usually doesn't work. It was clear that the players had tested this out beforehand. Symmetra then placed a teleporter on top of the wall. The entire team went through the teleporter and ended up on the rooftop thanks to Mei's wall placement. The maneuver caught the Paris Eternal off guard and won the round. 


During the stream, the commentators seemed stunned by the play. One called it "meme strat." David "Dpei" Pei added that teleporting onto walls is "not allowed," according to a rule Blizzard has in place. 


The Overwatch League live stream was ultimately delayed while Blizzard discussed what had just happened. In the end, officials ruled that the play wasn't allowed and the match was played once again. Florida Mayhem won again despite not using the trick. 



The decision had some vocal members of the competitive Overwatch community enraged. Despite officials claiming that the ruling had been around forever, fans pointed out that this was not the case. Others pointed to previous matches where similar tricks were used with no consequence. 




"Flagrant lie," one Twitter user said. "The Gladiators pulled this moved on Eichenwalde Season 1 or 2 and were never punished. That’s where the move originated. Just admit you don’t want creative plays or people using the game in every way it was designed and leave it at that. That 'ruling' is bull." 


Many within the game's competitive scene seemed angered by the Overwatch League's ruling. Some even asked why it was "in the game" if it's not allowed. Others pointed out that the exploit has been used in ranked and pro play for years. Some just simply stated that the rule was "lame," taking away from the cleverness and unique stats from pros. 

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