Steve Arhancet: The Esports Professional Who Helped Turn a Hobby into an Industry


With many things in life, experience is always the best teacher. People who learn how to do a task by working on-site will usually be more proficient than someone who simply read a tutorial. Of course, learning about something through studying is a strong method, but the first-hand experience will almost always be more certain to develop someone’s skills.

Steve Arhancet, the co-owner of Team Liquid, is someone who understands the hearts of the players, coaches, and head coaches of Esports team better than anyone else. After all, he has experienced the Esports industry in the past 7 years as the pro gamer, ‘LiQuiD112’, and a team manager.

The role of a CEO becomes even more important in the Esports industry; it’s a business full of many young and inexperienced people along with a variety of positions. Steve Arhancet is very proficient in his position, carrying out the business affairs of a co-owner while also being considerate of the perspectives of the players, coaches, and head coaches.


▲ There are many skilled players but there aren’t many experts in general in the Esports industry.


Being a gamer his entire life, Steve Arhancet believed in the potential of Esports since his childhood. He was surrounded by computers all the time because his father was a computer programmer, and his dreams became more certain as he played various games like Civilization, Battle Chess, Warcraft, and more.

His Esports career began when he founded Team XXX, an Esports team for Civilization IV in 2011. Team XXX expanded to League of Legends, a game that has just been released back then, and he continued getting involved as a player. He has played in the ESL Premier League himself from which he secured his position as a player, and later became a manager in order to take care of his players. Afterward, he became a co-owner of Team Liquid with Nazgul.

"I can’t be certain what will happen – but I know I’ll be doing something I love and while I’m at it – making some damn good money. I also feel like I’m entering the industry at just the right time – when companies are positioning for control, revenue is through the roof, viewership via streaming is growing rapidly, and gaming is not just a hobby but a legitimate industry". - from the interview with Forbes, “What are your thoughts on this new life direction?” September 2012.



Steve Arhancet, the CEO of one of the most successful Esports organizations in the industry, has professional and extensive knowledge of the Esports industry as he has much of experience in the area. He will be discussing what it means to own an Esports team, and how to cope with the problems and adversities one encounters on the way at the panel discussion with Jack Etienne, CEO of Cloud9, and Noah Whiston, CEO of Immortals, and at the IGEC Q&A session on May 1st.

Steve Arhancet was in the financial industry for about 12 years as a financial planner, prior to getting involved in Esports; the Esports business and industry expertise he will be talking about at the IGEC - ESPORTS DEEP DIVE will definitely be something to look forward to.

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