Extremely and impossibly adorable Vaporeon mascot announced for Water Week

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A new Pokemon mascot has been announced. This time, it's Vaporeon, one of my favorite Eeveelutions. Vaporeon is now the official ambassador for Water Day, which starts August 1. 


Japan has deemed the first week of August as Water Week. This is because the first week of August is usually the hottest in Japan. The week raises public awareness of the "preciousness of water" and the "importance of water resource development." 



To help spread the word, Japan has brought in Vaporeon, a Water-type Pokemon that is often known for its healing-focused moves. Vaporeon will be featured on on this year's Water Day poster and has also been made into an adorable mascot. 


The mascot costume is clearly made by the same people who designed their popular Pikachu and Eevee mascots, which can be seen at Pokemon events all over the world. 



It's unfortunate because I want one of these mascot suits very badly. The Vaporeon one is especially amazing with its glimmering eyes and long tail. This is definitely my favorite official Pokemon mascot thus far. 


But to celebrate Vaporeon's new job, here are some of my favorite Vaporeon plush and collectibles. 



The first one is my own Vaporeon! I saw this gigantic plush being carried around on a woman's back at a convention and bought it off of her. I couldn't stop thinking about him throughout the day. He is super soft and has a super long tail. This plush also came with a cute harness, which you can use to also hold him over your back if you choose to walk around with this plush, which is the size of an extra-large dog. 



This is an official Pokemon figure. I love the dynamic movement of the water and Vaporeon's determined pose. The water swirling around Vaporeon's body is an amazing touch. It's unfortunately out of stock but once it's back I will be attempting to pick one up! 



I picked this plush up myself at the Pokemon Center in Japan. The "Oceanic Operetta" plush is extremely detailed, with pearls and ribbons all over. The official Pokemon plush always have cuter faces than the knock-offs, which you can see clearly with this plush. It has one of the most wholesome faces I've ever laid eyes on. 



Someone on Deviant Art made this plush and now I want nothing more in my whole life. 

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