Perfect for anywhere: Team Liquid's Heritage collection


Since I was a young nerd scouring the forums of, I always found the branding of the organization to be very impressive. The elegant blue-and-white aesthetic paired with the famous Lord of the Rings inspired horse—I always thought their branding could stand on its own. That it could stand toe-to-toe with that of any other young fashion brand.


Years later—as a slightly older nerd—Team Liquid is making those steps. 


The organization continues to innovate in esports fashion. For so long the only attire esports teams sold were ones showing giant maximalist logos with bright and obnoxious color schemes. The options were limited too—your only choices usually boiling down to a t-shirt, hoodie, or team jersey. These were good for attending an esports event or around the house, but that was about it.


Team Liquid’s Heritage Collection reaches further. They’re making clothes perfect for anywhere.


With minimalist designs, soothing color schemes, and a boatload of options to choose from, the Heritage Collection is all-inclusive. Whether you're a casual gamer interested in streetwear or a 22-year-old esports writer wanting to show their support for his childhood team, these common cuts guarantee there’s something you’ll want to regularly wear.


Liquid City Crewneck Sweatshirt



Just like the Oxford, you can tell this was made with quality in mind. The fabric and fit are both very well done—it is extremely comfortable for a sweatshirt, and isn’t overly baggy. While it can be a bit warm (it definitely is more suited for winter times), this can be a perfect piece for a number of occasions.


The embroidered crest is also just as well done on this piece as well. It’s a bit bolder compared to the extremely subtle logo sewed into the Oxford—but it’s at an appropriate size that it isn’t at all off-putting. It’s perfect both for wearing on occasions with your esports friends, but is just as classy to wear in a variety of functions.



There’s not much to say that hasn’t been touched on in other reviews, so I’ll leave off with this: The Liquid City Crewneck Sweatshirt is a fashionable, comfortable, and versatile article of clothing. Just make sure it’s cold out.


Other Details: 


  • 100% Midweight Cotton Fleece
  • Custom cut and sew
  • Embroidered Team Liquid crest patch on front
  • Team Liquid trims and details
  • Imported


Liquid Long Sleeve Oxford Shirt



Can’t get much simpler than a blue button-up. Perfect to wear with a blazer, a suit, or on its own. When I initially found out TL was going to have an Oxford shirt as part of their collection, I was worried they would take the Liquid branding too far, that they’d be overzealous in making it a Team Liquid shirt. 


Yes, there is still Liquid branding, but the designers made sure to make it as subtle as possible. The color scheme is excellent—the embroidered crest on the front pocket provides a seamless contrast with the rest of the shirt. Paired with its small size, and it blends in perfectly. The fack nothing pops makes it very versatile, and I feel perfectly comfortable with wearing it on more formal occasions.



There’s definitely a degree of class when wearing it.


This is not the first time an esports organization has attempted more formal wear, but it’s one of my first encounters with one that’s pulled it off. Other pieces I’ve worn in the past have either been sewn together with cheap-feeling material or had an overly baggy cut. The material of this shirt feels well-made, it’s definitely a premium cloth.


With summer right upon us I was very thankful to find out that the shirt was very breathable and is perfect for warmer weather. It also has a good amount of thickness to it that you would expect from a good button-up. It was also a very wise choice for them to invest in a custom cut, as the fit is perfect. The collar fits well around the neck, and the entire shirt is well-fitted from the collar down to the bottom hem.


Like any shirt that’s completely cotton, the Oxford wrinkles very easily if you don’t handle it very carefully. So if you plan on wearing it out somewhere special—make sure you have an iron handy. Also, the shirt provides only two replacement buttons, so you’ll have to go somewhere else for replacements if you are as reckless as me. 


Overall though I think this was a great item of excellent quality. Next time Alphari gets a solo-kill in lane, I’ll be glad to wear this at the office. 


Other Details:


  • 100% Cotton Oxford
  • Custom cut and sew
  • Classic button-up shirt
  • Team Liquid crest on the front pocket
  • Team Liquid trims and details
  • Imported


8 / 10 

Team Liquid didn’t go for anything flashy in this collection—and it works in their advantage. They continue to innovate the esports fashion world not just by making groundbreaking wardrobes for esports fans.


With the Heritage collection, they’ve made the decision to make good, honest clothing that any person would like. With great fits, high-quality material, and simple yet elegant design choices, I look forward to seeing the organization continue to expand this lovely connection. 




  • Bold, clean designs
  • Fashionable
  • Well-measured custom fits
  • High-quality materials and appearance
  • Extremely versatile




  • Nothing strays away too far from standard commonwear
  • Unsuitable for warmer weather
  • Oxford wrinkles easily

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