Clean, simple, yet elevated: Team Liquid's Heritage collection


It's 80 degrees in Los Angeles right now and very sunny. But I couldn't resist the opportunity to review some pieces from Team Liquid's new Heritage collection. 


Esports fashion has been evolving. Even just a few years ago, teams were offering t-shirts with giant logos on the front and competition-ready jerseys. But esports organizations have started incorporating streetwear and high fashion into their collections, elevating esports fashion to an entirely new level.


Esports fashion these days doesn't even need the word "esports" in front of it. These are stylish pieces of clothing that could fit into just about any wardrobe regardless of the person's interest in competitive gaming. It's not just obnoxiously loud jerseys and ill-fitting crop tops anymore. It's subtle and deliberate. It's iconic. It's trendsetting. 


And leading the pack has always been Team Liquid. 


Team Liquid's new Hereditary collection has the tagline, "Keep It Clean." And that's exactly what makes this collection stand out: It doesn't. These are understated staples that could easily be added to anyone's wardrobe. While they all have unique streetwear twists and careful detailing, the overall look is simple. 


Liquid City Parka



Did I mention it's 80 degrees here? Despite the light nylon material of this parka, I was sweating while attempting to get some badass poses in this parka — not gonna lie. This parka is probably not too great for Los Angeles weather except October and November. But I can see it being perfect for spring and fall in cooler states. 


Despite the sweatiness, this is definitely a keeper and I will most definitely try my hardest to find days to wear it. The simplicity of the tan paired with the boldness of the velcro makes it a bold piece that's easy to pair with just about any outfit, although I think it will look best with a simple outfit that lets the jacket stand out as the staple. 


Note that the only mention of TL is the small patch on the bottom pocket


The other details of this parka are so thoughtfully done that it remains minimalist while making such a major impact. The hood is the perfect fit, stylishly loose but with the ability to tighten it in case you are using this jacket for the rain instead of fashion. The EST. 2000 is a nice touch that gives this parka a bit of an army-like feel. It's definitely an industrial look that makes you feel intimidating and powerful. 


You feel like a badass with this parka on. 


But perhaps the best part about this parka is the pockets. YES, LADIES, IT HAS POCKETS. I mean I'll note that this is a men's jacket that comes in men's sizing. But nothing is stopping ANYONE of any identity from snatching up this parka and utilizing all of its pockets. Let me count them. 




This includes pockets on the sleeves, larger pockets on each side (and smaller pockets above them), and even a hidden pocket INSIDE the lining. I doubt anyone needs this many pockets but I'll find a way. Headphones. Tampons. Wallet. Mask. Blue plushie. This jacket has a lot of utility and will keep all of our valuables safe when you're walking in the rain. 



Other Details: 


  • 100% Nylon Outer
  • 100% Polyester Lining
  • Custom cut and sew
  • Adjustable elastic cord at the bottom opening
  • Adjustable velcro cuffs


Liquid City Crewneck Sweater



This is the most comfortable esports merch I've ever worn I believe. Made of cotton fleece, this sweater is soft, warm, and not even the slightest bit itchy. But again, way too hot. This is not something you could wear in Los Angeles until it's about 11 PM. And at that point I'm usually asleep. I mean, I could wear it to sleep and have one of the most comforting, cuddly nights of my life. 


Despite being another men's item in men's sizing, this sweater fit pretty great. It was a little baggy on the waist since it wasn't shaped for a women's figure. But it had the perfect blend of baggy and flattering all-around. It also had sleeves that were a bit loose but not swallowing up my limbs. The bottom fell nicely around my hips. 



The detailing is what elevates this simple yet fresh piece. The trims give it a more high-end look and feel. It also helped make the arms and bottom of the sweater fit a lot more flatteringly. It created a sense of balance that made the sweater more than just comfy cotton billowing around me. 



And the review isn't complete without mentioning the embroidered logo on the chest. It's quite frankly a masterpiece. Heavy but not imposing, this patch oozes the flashy confidence of Team Liquid without alienating the sweater-wearer from the everyday society that doesn't know what the hell a Team Liquid is. 


The gold rim around the edge of the emblem elevates this patch even more. It screams luxury, importance, and confidence. This is a sweater that belongs in an arcade bar with buddies or at a horse race. A golf course, a Zoom meeting, or just watching some League of Legends with the crew. This is a versatile and bold sweater that fits in just about anywhere yet will always make you stand out. 



Other Details: 


  • Custom cut and sew
  • Team Liquid trims and details



8 / 10 


While most of the pieces in the Heritage collection are for men and are not made for the Los Angeles summer heat, I believe that the pieces in this collection could easily fit into any given wardrobe. That's why I am giving it such a high rating. Almost anyone could rock these pieces in almost any setting. While you'd stand out wearing this collection, it would be for how stylish and put together you look. Not because you can name every team attending MSI. 


Check out the whole collection here



  • Bold, clean designs
  • Fashionable
  • High-quality materials and appearance
  • Heavy attention to detail
  • Perfect for any occasion, can fit into any wardrobe



  • All men's sizing (smaller or shorter non-men might find most items too large)
  • All pretty heavy and hot
  • Uninspired color palettes 
  • Most pieces have pretty basic shapes and styles

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