Roblox players spend more on virtual Gucci bags than price of real Gucci bags

Source: Gucci

Some Roblox players have now spent more money to buy virtual Gucci shoulder purses for their Roblox characters than it would cost them to purchase the same product in real life. Specifically, players purchased flipped versions of the virtual Dionysus Small GG shoulder bag for upwards of $4,000 USD. The physical version of the bag can be purchased for only $2,450 USD.


The virtual Gucci Dionysus Small GG shoulder bag in question was part of a special Roblox high-fashion event called the Gucci Garden Experience. The virtual space featured a limited run of virtual Gucci shoulder purses that were sold for 475 Robux, which translates to $5.50. Since the product was only available for purchase for a single hour on May 17th, it ended up being one of the rarest items currently available in the game.



Scalpers reportedly flipped the Gucci Dionysus Bag with Bee on the Roblox marketplace for as much a 350,000 Robux, which translates to $4,100. The price eventually declined to a reported average of around $1,500, which is still enough to purchase many actual Gucci bags. It goes without saying that it is surprising to see a digital item that cost nothing to produce going for more than the physical version of the same luxury product.


Since hype surrounding the virtual Gucci Dionysus Bag with Bee has died down, Roblox has released other Gucci bags as part of their Gucci Garden Event, though they are not reselling at nearly the price that the first one did.  

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