Pokemon Battle Styles brings alternate art back to the TCG in a big way

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Pokemon card collectors have always marveled at the dynamic art that seems to keep getting more and more vibrant and extensive as the card game evolves. 


Sword & Shield: Battle Styles has introduced an abundance of brilliant art, including six highly collectible and sought-after alternate art cards. Pokemon hasn't seen alternate art since Cosmic Eclipse back in November 2019. While some Pokemon players and collectors feel that Battle Styles has a bit too many full arts, rainbow rares, and golden trainers, nobody can deny the beauty and intricate details of the alternate art cards. 


Empoleon V (146)



Pokemon fans immediately fell in love with this artwork thanks to Empoleon's action-packed pose and the addition of other battle-ready Pokemon. Empoleon may look intense but the background is serene and quite beautiful. You can almost hear the rushing water and feel the chill of the stream, surrounded by lush, Pokemon-filled forests. 


Single Strike Urshifu V (151)



This beautiful alternate art has a stunning art style that sets it apart from every other card in the seat (and probably Pokemon as a whole). It has a sketch-like quality that captures Urshifu's aggressive expression and powerful pose. His muscles are bulging as he lifts up a giant boulder, ears flapping as wind whips around him violently. 


Single Strike Urshifu VMax (186)



This immensely action-packed card is bursting with power to the point of almost being overwhelming. With clenched fists and a dramatic scream, Single Strike Urshifu VMax looks as if he's reaching his full power here. The swirls of wind racing around him scream of transformation as if Urshifu is reigning in all of the energy around him to power up a deadly attack that c an't be escaped. 


Rapid Strike Urshifu V (153)



Urshifu looks beyond focused in this bold and simple card art. The alternate artwork has Urshifu staring straight into the opponent's soul as he harnesses enough power to rush in with a hundred furious blows. This artwork invokes a high-quality anime with a dynamic yet straightforward style and breathtaking scenery. You can even make out the details on the side of the cliff if you're able to look past Urshifu's imposing presence enough to take notice. 


Rapid Strike Urshifu VMax (170)



My first thought was, "What the hell is going on in this art?" It's hard to know where to look first. There's water splashing all over the place, disrupted due to the presence of Urshifu VMax. Seeing Urshifu from below is quite terrifying since he appears to be looking down at you with pure anger in his eyes. His intense expression is equally matched by his power pose as he calls upon a variety of flying Pokemon who can't resist his magnetic power. 


Tyranitar V (155)



Last but certainly not least, we have the Tyranitar V alternate art. Instead of looking like he's about to beat your ass with a simple finger flick, Tyranitar looks like he can't be bothered. In fact, he has the itis after eating an overwhelming amount of food and then politely stacking the plates for whoever is unfortunate enough to clean up the mess. Pignite looks on in horror at the sight, knowing they might have to start washing dishes if Tyranitar stays in such a deep sleep, drool starting to fall from his open mouth. 


This card may not be intense, but it sure tells a story. It's entertaining and fun. It's silly and personable. It's no surprise this is many people's favorite card art from the set. Pokemon players can appreciate such a unique card art. And seriously, who hasn't eaten that many plates at a rotating sushi restaurant? 

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