Overwatch community obsessed with new Sombra, Baptiste, and Moira Anniversary event skins

Source: Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch fans are obsessed with the first three skins Blizzard revealed for the 2021 Overwatch Anniversary event that starts on Tuesday. They revealed skins for Sombra, Baptiste, and Moira, and all three scored huge points with the Overwatch community.



Sombra Black Cat anniversary skin

Perhaps the most popular skin was the Black Cat Sombra skin. This skin depicts Sombra with a superhero (villain?) style mask, wearing a spy catsuit and futuristic cat ears. Many fans drew comparisons between the new design and DC's Cat Woman character from Batman. The skin is already blowing up online, even before the Anniversary event has started.



Venus Moira anniversary skin

Fans also raved over the new Moira skin. Like the Sombra skin, the Venus Moira is also reminiscent of a Batman villain, in this case Poison Ivy. Some fans on Twitter are calling the new Venus skin Moira's best skin yet, and it's hard to blame them! Moira even briefly trended on Twitter, if that gives you any idea of how excited fans were about this skin. 



Funky Baptiste anniversary skin

Funky Baptiste is also getting a tremendously positive response. The skin shows a 1970's styled Baptiste, complete with afro, period-appropriate clothing, and a lava lamp on his backpack! This skin screams funky, and it sure caught the eye of Baptiste's fan base, including multiple Overwatch League teams!




These first three skins are just a taste of the new skins that players can unlock during the 2021 Overwatch Anniversary event. Check out all the new skins when it goes live to servers on Tuesday! 

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