TITAN 2020 vs. OMEGA 2020: How do the Secretlab chairs compare?

Source: Elizabeth Wilcox

I recently wrote a review of the Secretlab OMEGA 2020, a chair that I gave glowing marks in a number of categories. Since completing that review, I have started testing the Secretlab TITAN 2020, which is Secretlab's larger chair built especially for taller folks like myself. 

Testing the Secretlab TITAN 2020 series chair has not only given me the chance to compare the different features of the two gaming chairs, but it has also given me the chance to learn about the importance of buying a chair in the correct size. The TITAN fits me much better, and as a result, I have had a superior experience with the chair!


Product: Secretlab TITAN - 2020 Series

Price: $404 - $429

Height reccomendation: 5'9" - 6'7"

Weight reccomendation: < 290lbs

Available at secretlab.co


A chair that is easy and fast to build

Just like with the OMEGA 2020, the Secretlab TITAN 2020 comes in an easy-to-build kit. In fact, I timed my build, and was surprised to find that I was able to complete the build of my entire TITAN series chair in under ten minutes! Now admittedly, I had just built an OMEGA a month before, so I knew what I was doing coming into the build, but the ease of putting the TITAN together is still notable!



When your chair arrives, it will be in a large box with all the pieces laid out in an organized, easy-to-understand manner. There is a huge big Lego-instruction-like card that walks you through 12 simple assembly steps. The chair also comes with all the tools you need to assemble it in a nice convenient package, so you won’t have to worry about acquiring any tools yourself.



Building a new Secretlab chair is so easy and is also surprisingly enjoyable.


Comparing features of the TITAN and the OMEGA

Source: Elizabeth Wilcox

TITAN and OMEGA shared features

The TITAN 2020 series and OMEGA 2020 series chairs come with a lot of the same features and use a lot of the same materials. Both chairs use cold cure foam for the molded seat and back, both chairs utilize the same 4D-customizable armrest design, and both utilize Secretlab’s fused design between a racing-inspired and office-inspired gaming chair, though the OMEGA is more racing-inspired than the TITAN. Both chairs also have the same wheelbase, come with a beautiful memory foam head pillow, and feature the same highly customizable recline and tilt tension options.


Just like with the OMEGA, the TITAN’s armrests have all the customization that I was looking for in a gaming chair. Unfortunately, the armrests on both chairs are made of a hard plastic material that can get uncomfortable pretty quickly. So I definitely recommend picking up some padded armrest covers if you buy either the TITAN or the OMEGA. I use these armrest pads, but there are a number of options on the market that could work.


The back and seat cushions for both chairs is made from cold cure foam. Out of the box, cold cure foam is pretty stiff, since it's designed to hold its shape for a long time. Having a hard chair isn’t the end of the world, especially for folks like me who grew up using a wooden desk chair, but just keep in mind that the seat and back on these chairs may be harder than you expect. You can remedy this with a memory foam seat pad for the seat and a Secretlab back pillow for the backrest!

The differences between the TITAN and OMEGA series chairs

Once assembled, it became clear that the TITAN is significantly taller and wider than the Secretlab OMEGA series. This makes sense since the TITAN is meant for larger users.  


The Titan series has an extra lumbar support knob that lets you soften or harden the support for your lower back. I personally prefer it dialed it all the way to full support. Unfortunately, the TITAN series didn’t come with a back pillow like the OMEGA series chair. The lumbar adjustment feature is a cool feature that makes the back pillow less necessary, but I love the OMEGA back pillow and wish that the TITAN also came with one. 


The chair back for the TITAN is more open than the one on the OMEGA. The OMEGA features a straight-back design with angled wings that are designed to encourage you to sit straight in the chair. The back on the TITAN doesn’t have the limiting wings on the side and is better shaped to conform to the user’s back due to the extra lumbar support feature. Overall, I think the Titan's back support is better.


The same goes for the seat. The TITAN seat is wide and open, allowing for a comfortable sitting posture and a variety of leg positions. The OMEGA seat has angled wings that force you to keep your legs close together while sitting. The OMEGA design also leaves a gap between the chair cushion and the wings that crumbs, dust, and other debris can get caught in. The TITAN has a single chsion for the seat, which is easier to keep clean and dustr free. I definitely prefer the seat design on the Secretlab TITAN series chair.


The TITAN chair that I received is the SoftWeave fabric version of the chair, while I tested a PU leather version of the OMEGA (though you can get both chairs in either upholstery style). In comparing the two upholsteries, I can say that I definitely prefer the SoftWeave option, as it is more breathable and comfortable to use for extended periods of time. The SoftWeave option is slightly more expensive than the PU Leather version, but it’s worth the extra cash in my opinion. This isn't so much a comparison between the chairs, however, since you can get the SoftWeave version for either series.


Sizing your new Secretlab chair

Source: Elizabeth Wilcox

The biggest difference between the OMEGA 2020 series and TITAN 2020 series of chairs is that the OMEGA series chairs are built for folks between 5’3” and 5’11”, while the TITAN series chairs are specially designed for folks who are 5’9” to 6’7”. While you may not think that getting the exact right size will matter, as someone who just finished testing a chair that was slightly too small versus the correct size, I can tell you that you should really buy the one with the correct recommended height.


Even though I was about 3 inches too tall for the OMEGA series chair, It was still a huge improvement over my old DXRacer chair. But as soon as I switched to the TITAN, the problems with using a chair that was too small for me became more clear. The TITAN series chair fits my shoulders well, limits my legs less, and overall fits my body better. As a result, I have had a noticeable decrease in muscular strain and soreness while using my new TITAN.


I can’t emphasize enough how having the correct size chair has made my life better. We don’t always realize the toll that a poorly fitted chair can take on our knees, shoulders, arms, and back. Having the right chair that is built for your height and body type can make a huge difference. If the TITAN is too large, consider purchasing the OMEGA series chair instead.

Product: Secretlab OMEGA - 2020 Series

Price: $440

Height recommendation: <5'11"

Weight reccomendation: < 240lbs

Available at secretlab.co

Both the Secretlab OMEGA and TITAN series chairs are excellent gaming chairs. I personally enjoyed using the TITAN chair better, because it was closer to my size and I liked its less angular, less limiting design. Both Secretlab chairs stand in a class of their own above other gaming chairs that I have tried from different companies.

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