The Ultimate League of Legends Swag List

When it comes to sick drops in League of Legends, I’ve been pretty lucky. I’ve had two Ultimate skins drop from Hextech Chests and have earned enough Blue to pick up nearly any champ I wish. So it makes sense that Inven Culture would ask me to create the ultimate the League of Legends Swag List. 

These are premium League of Legends products that live up to the hype and allow players to game in style. Let’s get into it. 

Supreme Seat Swag

Secretlab 2020 TITAN Series Akali Chair

The new Ionian collection from Secretlab is setting the standard for stylish sitting in 2021. Whether you pick Ahri, Akali, or Yasuo (Akali is my choice; Kali go “grrr”), you’re looking at a premium chair with some crazy detailing on it. I mean, look at that dragon inspired by Akali’s tattoos. I mean, really zoom in there -- the artwork is incredible!

The TITAN series offers a bit more room/width and has a leveled seat base that taller gamers would prefer. Check out the Secretlab
website for when you can get your hands on one, and make sure to let us know your favorite styling.

Shoe Swag

Nike x Riot Worlds 2020 Air Jordan 1

The Air Jordan 1 made to celebrate World’s 2020 is a great statement piece to your look. Without any aggressive branding, it can pair with just about anything, but it's the oil-slick finish on the panels that elevates the look.

These shoes were made to mimic the design of the World’s trophy, and were one of the most anticipated drops from a collab between Nike and League of Legends. Unfortunately, you’ll have to try your luck on the resale market, as they’re long gone.


Statuette Swag

 The League “Unlocked” Series

Packing the shelves behind you with items that flaunt your personality is key in this time of streaming and Zoom calls. Because of that, Riot’s “Unlocked” series of statuettes are a perfect fit.  Whether you stan a fox-tailed midlaner or prefer the cascading stache of Braum, the collection has plenty of options.

Sitting at about 26cm tall, they also don’t take up an obscene amount of room.  You can find current offerings in the
Riot Store. 

Seattle-ish Swag

World’s 2020 TAKEOVER Windbreaker

League’s 10th-year drop had some great pieces in the collection, and this windbreaker is an excellent pick-up.  If you always wanted to dive into streetwear, the Worlds 2020 takeover serves as a valuable staple that can be paired with a wide variety of styles and aesthetics

on sale, its monotone blocks allow you to really breakthrough with a vibrant tee or hoodie beneath. It also features a popular design trend of a flapped vent on the back, which will keep you from overheating like my work laptop during a 5v5 team fight.


Satchel Swag

 AAPE x LoL Sling Bag

Another awesome collab that you’ll have to scour the second-hand market for is the Sling-bag from the AAPE x LoL capsule last fall. The bag features blocked gold and AAPE patterning for a bit of a topographic/camo and LoL-branded strap snaps in the back.

If you’re able to get your hands on this sling bag, you’ll not only look stylish, but you’ll also have a place to store all those random cables you always carry around (or is that just me?)

Stan Swag

K/DA BLADES Light Stick

There are two types of K/DA fans: ones who haven't thought much about purchasing a BLADES Light Stick and ones who are checking daily for them to re-stock.  If you're confused, lightsticks are the best way to cheer on your favorite groups as they take the stage.

No true K/DA stan is complete without this popular K-pop concert staple, even though most buyers are content with hanging it in their gaming room or office for decoration. These are getting harder and harder to find every week, but you can set a notification on the Riot shop to be alerted next time they’re in stock. 


Scholarly Swag

The Art of League of Legends: Volume I

Riot’s artists are insanely talented and their art has given fans an excellent opportunity to level up their coffee table game. The pages are filled with stunning art and interesting behind-the-scenes concept art and the physical quality of the book's construction is impressive. A faux leather cover elevates the exterior, binding nearly 300 pages of work!

Artbooks are a unique way to express gaming fandom. Bonus points for how adult it feels to own an art book.

What sorts of League of Legends swag have you locked down? Do you want to see more LoL apparel, collectibles, or PC accessories? Let us know in the comments on social media! 

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