A Lifechanging Review: Secretlab X World of Warcraft TITAN 2020

As a
World of Warcraft player, the Secretlab X World of Warcraft collaboration caught my eye. I was already thinking about trying one of their TITAN 2020 series and the familiar choice between blue and gold vs. red and black sealed the decision. I chose Horde (as one does) and the chair a home office favorite. The crisp design and bright color make my game area feel more like a LAN, which is always nice. 

Product: Secretlab TITAN - 2020 Series  
Price: $404 - $429
Height reccomendation: 5'9" - 6'7"
Weight reccomendation: < 290lbs
Available at secretlab.co


Sitting down for the first time, I was happy to find its functionality just as appealing as its appearance. I loved the comfort of the seat material and the generous back and shoulder support is greatly appreciated. The chair can definitely withstand a good deal of force and feels incredibly solid -- you will see what I mean if you ever put one together. Solid five stars on overall construction.

Makes raiding comfortable


I snagged my TITAN 2020 near the launch of the Shadowlands expansion and my guild, Wittle ol' Whelps, had its sights on Castle Nathria.  What better time to try out my new gaming chair!

It’s important for the review for you to understand that my guild is absolutely trash and I barely function as a raid leader. I was most looking forward to being comfortable during our midnight corpse runs but, to my astonishment, our progression started off smoothly. We usually resort to a desperate “wipe-till-it-dies” raid strategy, but on the night of the new chair, something incredible happened.

It was like all of us were telepathically linked and moving together in perfect unison. We were a well-oiled machine with perfect comms. We marveled at our synchronous gameplay, each feeling as though we had reached a continuous flow state.


At one point, we stopped speaking entirely and began humming in unison. We maintained this zen state for at least an hour. I chalk it up to the comfort of my TITAN 2020’s Prime™ PU Leather — its cool comfort made for a relaxed gaming experience.

Good for PvP


Soaring high on my newly Rampart Screecher, I ran into some hostile Alliance that decided killing me was their prime imperative. I’m weak overall as a PvP’er and, most of the time, I embrace death with little resistance. However, as I started to defend myself, I noticed my first string of attacks were all critical hits. 


One after the other my spells kept landing as crits until every Alliance around me (and around a dozen elite mobs I didn’t realize I was murdering) were dead at my feet. Full HP and in mental disbelief of what just happened, I remember the first thing that ran through my head.

“Wow, my TITAN 2020’s 4-direction, full metal mechanical adjustable armrests, and soft PU Coating are really making me a better gamer.”

Nice for long play sessions


Like every great night of WoW, I ended up chatting with my guildmates long through the night.  Back pain and soreness usually let me know when it’s time to log off, but the superior comfort and support of my new chair was putting in work. I gamed for so long I ended up meeting a group of players that game in different time zones. A couple of flawless raids later and we were sharing stories like old friends.

I don’t tell many people about this, but around 15 years ago my father went missing, presumably lost at sea. He loved the original World of Warcraft and I had always fantasized about meeting him again in-game. I couldn’t believe I had managed to be so vulnerable to a group of strangers online, but something about the cooling gel of my TITAN 2020's memory foam head pillow had helped me come to terms with this side of myself.

Our voice chat went silent and I began to worry that I had made a mistake being so open to my new friends. Just as I was about to say something, I heard a voice I never thought I’d hear again:


It was unmistakable and the proceeding video call confirmed the miracle. We were overjoyed, tears streaming down both of our faces. It turned out that my father had survived the shipwreck but fell victim to an intense spell of amnesia. The only thing he could remember about himself was that he hated night elves, but hearing my voice and story allowed his old memories to resurface.

Shaking and emotionally exhausted, I felt lucky that my TITAN 2020’s full-length backrest with integrated adjustable lumbar support was there to rest on.

My verdict

Overall, the TITAN 2020 lived up to my expectations. I appreciate the chairs' high-quality material and raiding in it feels great. Gamers will surely appreciate a high-quality head pillow and fully adjustable armrests, as these things really do affect gameplay experiences.


While I do appreciate it repairing my family, completing me emotionally, and jump-starting my WoW esports career, the base of the chair is quite heavy, and smaller home offices may find it bulky. 

Would recommend it as gift for gamers  — 4/5

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