Sights from League of Legends Live: The Orchestra

▲ Photo by Riot Games


League of Legends Live: The Orchestra was held on April 3 and 4 at Sejong Arts Center in Seoul. This concert was originally scheduled to be held last year, but it had been postponed due to the COVID-19 situation. Although COVID-19 isn’t yet fully over, the tickets for the concert were sold out in no time. As much as LoL is a game that people have been enjoying since its release, hundreds of people came to watch.


As League of Legends changed over time, it also showcased music and performances to highlight the game. Especially, the 2015 World Championship theme song, “Warrior” sung by Imagine Dragons, was a perfect mix of lyrics, cinematics, and theme. Besides that, the songs released as the game advanced were multiplied and we were able to hear them at the concert.


Besides the music, Riot Games opened a goods store and a photo zone for the League of Legends fans to enjoy. There were plenty of fans that came a few hours earlier to visit the goods store. And in an event like this, cosplayers wouldn’t miss the chance to show off their costumes. Here, we shot some photos to show you the lively scene of League of Legends Live: The Orchestra.


▲ In front of Sejong Arts Center, before the concert started.
▲ If you go up the stairs on the side, Teemo's there to greet you.
▲ Unfortunately, they don't open until 2 hours before the concert begins.
▲ So I'll just look around while there aren't as many people for some photos.
▲ Hopefully, the concert would make Amumu smile.
▲ By the way, Teemo is always everywhere.
▲ At last, Sejong Arts Center is open!
▲ They just opened but there was already a long line waiting at the goods store.
▲ How about a picture with K/DA?
▲ On the side, there are goods samples displayed.
▲ "Don't hold back."
▲ I'm single, so I'll pass with this one.
▲ They even had a League of Legends board game.
▲ Mousepads are always good.
▲ And K/DA is always popular.
▲ K/DA notepads.
▲ And autographed mousepads too?! Shut up and take my money!
▲ One, two, three, four... I think I saw about 500 Teemo hats today.
▲ You can't miss the photo zone...
▲ And the cosplayers.
▲ From a different angle. (Photo by Riot Games)
▲ Zed, Katarina, and Garen.
▲ Evelynn must be stealthed somewhere.
▲ Zed vs. Yone mid 1v1 duel, who will win?
▲ "The time of man has come to an end."
▲ Cosplayers gathered up to make a composition... But who's the bot laner here? 
▲ The staff started gathering all the cosplayers.
▲ Not all the champions, but a lot are here.
▲ It was a bit difficult to get a good shot because of the construction going on in the front.
▲ This wasn't a bad angle IMO.
▲ Now, going upstairs to get the souvenirs.
▲ If you show your ticket here...
▲ You can get a small gift bag.
▲ ^오^
▲ Along with some postcards too.
▲ The line got quite long already.
▲ Those statues lit up when it got dark.
▲ And although it was getting later, the cosplayers did their best to take photos with fans.
▲ Now the concert is about to start.
▲ The seats weren't full because of the COVID-19 situation.
▲ But there were plenty of people.
▲ Lights off, and the concert is about to start. Photos aren't allowed during the concert.
▲But Riot Games grabbed some pictures for everyone. 
▲ (Photo by Riot Games)
▲ (Photo by Riot Games)
▲ (Photo by Riot Games)
▲ (Photo by Riot Games)
▲ Intermission... Time to run to the goods store!
▲ But there were so many people already... How are they so fast?
▲ We were able to send emojis on the screen during the concert.
▲ Last curtain call by the conductor.
▲ With another Teemo hat!
▲ Conductor Sol Chin (Photo by Riot Games)
▲ Thank you for the concert! (Photo by Riot Games)
▲ Everyone rushing out to get to the goods store...
▲ I wasn't too late this time.
▲ Just some goods to remember the day.
▲ Great concert. Hopefully, COVID-19 would go away so there could be more of these events.

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