LCK X McDonald's: How the LCK Legend Pack is more than just a meal at a fast food chain


No, it was not an LCS player that served me this meal. 


In January 2021, LCK officially announced their sponsorship agreement with McDonald’s Korea. As the sole QSR (Quick Service Restaurant) brand that sponsors the LCK, McDonald’s Korea held various events and promotions for the fans. On Mar.18th, Mcdonald’s Korea announced their newest special to their menu, the ‘LCK Legend Pack’.

Image via McDonald's Korea

The ‘LCK Legend Pack’ comes in two different forms, ‘LCK Legend Pack 1955 Burger’ and LCK Legend Pack Shrimp Beef Burger’. The ‘1955 Burger’ version is available from Mar. 18th to the 31st, while the ‘Shrimp Beef Burger’ version will be available from April 1st to the 11th.

The meal included: The ‘1955 Burger’ set menu (exclusively sold in Korea), ‘Shanghai chicken snack wrap’, an apple pie, and a collectible photo card with LCK players on it, categorized by in-game roles (Top/Jungle/Mid/ADC/Support). There’s also a code you can scratch at the back of the card, which you can enter in the McDonald’s Korea's official website for a chance to win some cool in-game skins.

You can get one of these five cards, categorized by the in-game roles

Just like the Pokemon cards that were served with the Happy Meals in the U.S, I feel that these LCK player cards have potential to be collectibles for the LCK fans (although I’m not sure if these cards would have monetary value, just like those Pokemon cards). One thing I was disappointed with was that there were five players (all from different teams), rather than having one individual player printed on each card. I have a feeling that cards with just a player on them will be far better collectibles than the way they are right now.


Overall, it’s a cool way for such a mainstream franchise like McDonald’s to reach out to the LCK fans. It’s collaborations like this that fuels the growth of the esports’ ecosystem, and as a journalist that covers the LCK for a living, a sense of pride fills me up inside. 

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