San Francisco Shock's ta1yo looks fly on the front page of GQ Japan

Source: GQ Japan


We already expected San Franciso Shock to dominate the Overwatch League in 2021. But we honestly didn't see them killing the fashion scene too. 


Sean Taiyo "ta1yo" Henderson, a 20-year-old DPS specialist, took a break from coming in first on the Overwatch League stage to being the first Overwatch League player to be featured on the cover of GQ Japan. With chiseled cheekbones, chic glasses, fashionable hair, and a vibrant yet sophisticated t-shirt, it's no wonder ta1yo's fans kept calling him a GQ model after finding him on the front page. 



In the interview, ta1yo revealed that he started becoming competitive with gaming in middle school when he bought a PC. He even started skipping school (aside to take some tests) so he could keep playing. When he entered high school, ta1yo was already addicted to Overwatch. 


ta1yo quickly remained at the top of the leaderboards. He was in love with the blend of FPS mechanics and vibrant abilities, as well as the importance of collaborating as a team. For him, it was more about winning as a team rather than showing off his individual skills. 


While modest when it comes to competing, ta1yo had no problem slaying the rest of the Overwatch League scene with his solo fashion spread in GQ Japan. This was definitely a chance for ta1yo to shine without worrying about team strategy and synergy. In fact, ta1yo has basically carried the entire Overwatch League to the finals of the fashion world one thoughtful pose at a time. 



ta1yo expressed no concern that the Overwatch League is "dying," which is something even I have pondered in other articles. He said that it will continue to grow in the future, especially now that the Japanese esports scene has started to blossom. 


The young player did note, however, that esports pros have a short career at the top. And maybe he won't be part of the Overwatch League in the future. While there are exceptions, a lot of top players seem to retire by 30. Maybe it's stress and exhaustion. But ta1yo said he's not leaving until he is tired of it — and right now he's nowhere close to that point. 


"Right now, I am aware that I am doing it to boost Japanese esports, so I hope I can contribute as much as possible. It's a scene that will get bigger and bigger from now on, so please pay attention to it," ta1yo told GQ. 



And even if ta1yo does feel like retiring, we know another industry that would be glad to have him. This is definitely not the only dress shirt you will see ta1yo rocking in a fashion magazine. I'm willing to bet on it. 

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