CyberSmithy is creating jewelry for competitive gamers

▲CyberSmithy is betting that gamers are willing to pay premium prices for custom made Jewelry surrounding their competitive titles.


As esports and gaming audiences continue to mature, the ways in those consumers wish to express their fandom grows. The sports world and its fandom have already embraced the allure of jewelry as a meaningful way to celebrate victories and love for a franchise -- look no further than the sky-high price of NBA / NFL Championship rings. In addition, the ability to purchase expensive jewelry still remains a fantasy that up-and-coming sports professionals still indulge in.


An entire cottage industry built around serving these high-net-worth players thrives off the legacy culture of sports spending and esports may be heading in the same direction. One company, Cybersmithy, will create engraved pendants and jewelry that signify a player's devotion towards a particular IP or franchise.  Whether it is a 70$ steam keychain or a $2,000 gold AK47, the company uses 3D printing to custom make orders from a variety of different metals and materials.

▲ Depending on their budget, customers can spend thousands of dollars on gold CS:GO, DOTA 2 or other merchandise.

Considering the salaries of some of esports top competitors and the lofty prize-pools champions of top esports, it seems inevitable that more companies like CyberSmithy will emerge. Sports and esports are very different and the comparison between the two is practical in only a general sense. That being said, the proven business of sports jewelry operates on a level of consumer appeal very similar to that of esports.


Competition brings meaning to victory and people tend to attach meaning to valuable objects. What is preventing a League of Legends championship ring from one day being as expensive and valuable as an NBA championship one?


Besides time to build a competitive legacy and cultural norms of esports fans, there isn't much.

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