Razer to release voice amplifying, RGB re-usable face masks


At the beginning of the pandemic, Razer was one of the first gaming companies who converted over their production lines to create face masks. Known for their peripherals like keyboards and headsets, under their Health Initiative the company donated 1 million surgical facemasks to frontline workers.


With mask-wearing becoming part of the new norm, Razer is turning up their facemask game to 11 with Project Hazel. Announced as part of the Consumer Electronics Show this week, Project Hazel is the introduction of the first-ever smart mask. According to Razer, this is the world’s smartest and most socially friendly mask.



The masks, available in white or black as seen below include N95 medical-grade respirator protection. Using detachable and rechargeable active ventilators, the bacterial filtration efficiency Smart Pods regulate airflow for optimal breathability. These pods filter at least 95% of airborne particles and have high fluid resistance.


Razer's Project Hazel Mask


Yes, the above sounds like what most face masks already do but here’s where things get interesting. The Razer smart mask features a clear front shield making it easier to view facial expressions when conversing with others. Masks are also equipped with a voice amplification system using a built-in microphone preventing awkward muffled conversations that traditional masks struggle with. 


Of course, we couldn’t have an item designed by Razer and not have it light up. Smart masks will be equipped with two customizable Razer Chroma™ RGB lighting zones offering 16.8 million colors.


Clear masks always have me concerned about condensation build-up but Project Hazel masks offer active air cooling and ventilation bringing in fresh air while venting out CO2.  If you’re wondering about the durability and reusability of a plastic mask, not to worry. Masks are bundled with a wireless fast charging box that uses UV-light to disinfect.


The charging box will indicate battery level and at full charge will allow the wearer a full day of use. The waterproof and scratch-resistant masks are made from durable recycled plastics to boot. 



“Razer acknowledges the uncertainty in the road ahead, and so it was our duty to help protect our community members and prepare them from invisible threats,” said Min-Liang Tan, co-founder and CEO of Razer. “The Project Hazel smart mask concept is intended to be functional, yet comfortable and useful for interacting with the world, while maintaining a sociable aesthetic.”



No pricing or release date details have been revealed yet, but we expect Project Hazel to run between $100-$200.



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