Fanart Friday - Monster Hunter Edition


Monster Hunter isn’t just packed with powerful monsters, it’s a powerful franchise. So gigantic, that the release of its demo this morning crashed the Nintendo eShop. So—of course—that’s the game we’ll be focusing on for today’s Fan Art Friday.


The real challenge lies in nearly every piece of Monster Hunter art: they are exceptional. There is just something about the community that loves making super-detailed, visually pleasing art. From cosplay to charcoal, we tried to find some of the best, but know it’s just the tip of the iceberg and you should search out more! 



Kicking things off is this piece from Arvalis, who we consider the king of the monster artists. In this beast of a piece, Rathalos is carrying off its prey, picked off from the herd below. The detail is so incredible, that we truly feel like we can touch this Rathalos. Yet, while it's easy to get lost in the scales and horns and incredible textures of the beast, as you venture out from the focus you can see a whole world—a Monster Hunter World—before you. From the massive fossilized skull and airship in the background to the hunting velociprey beneath, it’s absolutely incredible.


From king of the monsters to a queen of cosplay, Narga-Lifestream always creates jaw-dropping looks, like this Kirin armor set posted to DeviantArt. Narga’s cosplay leaves no detail unnoticed, with intricate fur-work and a perfectly “Capcom”-styled wig. Not to mention, the intimidating weapons they’re dual-wielding! Massive congrats to the photographer, Kira, as well, who did an excellent job in composing this formidable shot. 



While all fights in Monster Hunter feel epic, the Odogaron fight feels scary, and this digital painting from Aeflus captures that atmosphere perfectly. The toxic gasses, the dim light, the cavern filled with blood, blood, blood, and bits of sick. We love how well the artist kept the creature in shadow, making it even more horrific as light accents its claws and fangs.


FULL 180! A great part about the Monster Hunter Universe is that it keeps things light. Like the Wiggler helm. LindseyWArt created this bright and cheerful piece, and we truly appreciate the work put in. A three-dimensionality to the threading on the eyes sets an expectation for the rest of the piece; just because it’s fun doesn’t mean it can’t also be well-done! The little wigglers also have the most amazing faces, reminiscent of Star Wars or Gremlins characters. We want one! 


An epic battle unfolds in this fight against the shocking Zinogre by Sandara on DeviantArt. Look at those scales! Each armored plate is perfectly laid, and honestly makes us wonder if those swords (even at that size) will be enough! There’s also the perfect amount of humor in this piece, with a small Palico leaping away from the fray. 10/10. 


Traditional artists are magicians, and this watercolor of Nergigante is magical. To be able to convey such detail and depth is something truly incredible, and we bow down to Morgan-chane’s ability to do so. The perfect amount of pinks and purples are blended into the Nergigante’s chest, allowing the paper to glow through and round out the ribs, while some heavier inks keep the musculature and scales readable. Very, very, well done. 


The battles rage on, and this epic piece from Quirkilicious (who you may know from their Overwatch Ultimate series) has us floored. Quirkilicious has harnessed brilliant colors and light in this scene, drawing focus first to the terrifying maw, then to the hunter that aims to take it down. The patterning on the beast is beautiful and horrific as if fire and blood both course over its flesh; a perfect fit for the Odogaron. The fading of the rotting cavern in the background adds atmosphere, making this a place you’d expect such a hellish creature to reside. 


Puffboy is puffy. This wonderful Inktober piece from Grace-Zed uses black, white, and gold to bring out the elegance and mythical feeling of Monster Hunter’s Paolumu. While the work on the forest canopy behind the beast is great, the texturing of the fluff is what really makes this piece sing, and land it on our short-list. 


TUBsLab knows what’s up and brings us art from one of our favorite parts of Monster Hunter; the Palico Chef. Flexing his Meowscles, the chef towers above plates of delicious foods that has our mouth-watering and stomachs grumbling. A warm amber glow from the stone oven backlights the chef, helping highlight its muscles, fur, and cleaver. We’re left with only one question, “Is it too early in the day for hotpot?” 


This duo of a cosplay from DeviantArt by Niamash and Max_Torzhkov (photo: EVA) shares some spectacular costumes. The Handler and Hunter are both ready to fight something, and by the thick of that jungle, we’re thinking it’s an Anjanath. You can tell when creators truly care about what they make, and small details like the stitched insignia and small feather prove the point. The carving and detail on the hunter’s sword is remarkable as well, looking like an intimidating weapon straight from the weaponsmith. 

Well, what a beastly collection of art! If you think there’s more, you’re right: art does move in heards! Check out our expanded collection of Monster Hunter art here. Also, let us know how you like the Monster Hunter: Rise demo by tagging us on social @invenglobal or @ggmattb


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