Cosplay Shopping Guide: Genshin Impact


Genshin Impact had its popularity skyrocketed during the beginning of October, shortly after its launch. The cosplay community has quickly embraced the dreamy designs, making cosplay vendors create custom listings with character costumes within days. 


Inven Culture ordered three cosplays, hoping to find the most accurate design available. The characters chosen were Venti, Keqing, and Xiangling.



The game has five different body types; curvy tall female, slim short female, tall male, short male, and child-sized. Keqing and Xiangling both fall under the slim short female body type which is the body type that is closest to mine. Venti is a short male and his body type is closest to the cosplayer who chose him. We also chose these three because their appearance was our favorite at the time and for some, especially Venti, their popularity online was also a major factor. 




The first seller I ordered from was EZCosplay. 

EZ Cosplays standard delivery is 7-10 days plus a 2-3 week tailoring period.




Quality and Fit

I ordered a size XS, which still fit very big around the waist and shoulders and the dress length ended up being much longer than desired (cosplayer is 5’1” and 100lbs). Would recommend spending the extra $9.99 for custom sizing if you have concerns about overfit. The costume material looked nice and was of good quality. However, the fit and quality of the arm accessories and gloves were not the best. All of the armbands slid down my arms and the gloves tended to fall off of my hands immediately. The shorts fit perfectly and were also of high quality. I immediately noticed large sections of hot glue in a few places throughout the piece which is not desirable. The wig color and fit were perfect, it just needed to be styled but the hairpiece on the back immediately fell off the clip it was attached to. The bells that were included were very high quality.



Accuracy and Look

The patterns, designs, and colors were all very close to the in-game model. If everything had fit properly and stayed in place it would have been more accurate. However, the dress length was much longer than on the character. One of the only parts that were not accurate was the belt accessory that features Guoba’s (her panda’s) face. It was at least two times larger than it looked on the character model and the color was much lighter. Additionally, the bell on her bow is too small compared to her in-game model.


Shipping and Cost 

The outfit cost was $109.99 (shoes not included)

The wig cost was $19.99

The shipping cost was $27.60

Ordered October 10th

Arrived December 27th

The delivery was speedy, but the parcel itself took until the 23rd of December to be shipped. With everything the cosplay came with, I believe this is a fair price point. This price is on the lower side for a full cosplay set. The time it took to arrive and the size issues are definitely something to consider when spending less money on cosplays.  You can find the Xiangling cosplay here.



I ordered a size medium, it fit perfectly (cosplayer is 5’5 and 130lbs). The length of each piece: shorts, cape, sleeve, tights, etc. fit well and looked the same length as they do on the character model. Overall I would rate the quality at a 9/10. One negative was that the belt was weak and the belt accessories were fragile. Additionally, the hat was extremely small and needed extra pins to stay on the wig, but looked accurate once properly put on. The quality of the materials was great and there was no discomfort. The wig color, length, and fit were all perfect. 


@conquerornike and @tthotobot 


Accuracy and Look

The accuracy and look were also a 9/10. It looked almost identical to the character model, the patterns and colors matched extremely well. The only inaccuracies were that some accessories were made in craft foam and didn’t fit the accuracy and quality of the rest of the outfit. 



Shipping and Cost 

The outfit cost was $88.99 (shoes not included)

The wig cost was $17.99

The shipping cost was $27.60

Ordered October 6th

Arrived October 28th



For how quickly this arrived, the cosplay was very high quality and accurate. It was well worth the cost, especially with all the accessories it came with. No additional pieces had to be bought separately except the shoes which we did not purchase.




From Eaincos Official Store on Aliexpress.



Quality and Fit

The fit was also a bit large on this one (same cosplayer as Xiangling) and the length was also longer than desired. The quality was the best out of the three, all of the materials looked and felt very premium. The accessories looked perfect and did not appear to be made of cheap material. I did not see any visible threads or glue. These gloves fit perfectly and had elastic to help them stay on. The element vision amulet is the only thing that appeared to be of lower quality. While the amulets from the EZCosplay outfits were their own accessory, the Keqing cosplay only included them as a print on the outfit. 



Accuracy and Look

The color was perfect as well and a majority of the outfit and accessories were accurate to the in-game model. Only a few details were missing, such as the necklace being too large and quite different from the in-game model. The dress was so long that it hid all of the designs on the tights, as a result, much of these details were not seen. Other small details such as ruffles were missing from the gloves. 


Shipping and Cost

The outfit cost was $77.68 (shoes not included)

The shipping cost was free

Ordered October 30th

Arrived November 28th


This cosplay was the best quality and the most accurate out of the three. It was the least expensive of the three but had the least number of pieces. The shipping estimate was accurate. At this price point, you are getting what you pay for, but overall it was an accurate, well-fitting cosplay. 




Wig: DayDayUp8 Store

The wig was a darker purple than Keqing’s hair and the pigtails were much thinner than the character model. Additionally, the triangular hairpieces at the top were much larger than the character model. The wig and its fascinators were very high quality and comfortable to wear.


The wig cost $26.99

The shipping cost was $2.51

Ordered October 30

Delivered November 24

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