Brazilian League of Legends scene promotes diversity with 5 women registered for CBLoL 2021 and transgender focused championship


The Brazilian competitive League of Legends scene actively works to promote diversity, schooling other regions on creating an inclusive safe space for all players. CBLoL is set to start its 2021 season with five female players included in four of its ten franchised teams, while the country will see its first transgender community focused tournament.

Contender of the 2020 World Championship representing the Brazilian region, INTZ once again brings a female player to their roster, Mid Laner Tainá "Yatsu" Santos will be active in the team’s academy roster, moving past her substitute role along Support Júlia "Mayumi" Nakamura in the previous year. 


LOUD joins CBLoL for the first time in 2021, bringing in a stacked up roster for its main team, adding the Jungler Elizabeth "Liz" Sousa to the Academy roster. Stemming from the Brazilian Soccer scene, Cruzeiro Esports will add Support player “Larissa “Lawi” Santos, and Mid Laner Ariel “Ari” Lino. Rensga Esports brings back Gabriela "Harumi" Gonçalves as their substitute Support player, the first woman to compete in an official LoL Esports competition in Brazil.


The first step to include women in the professional League of Legends scene has been given, however, we are yet to see women play official matches in the CBLoL stage. 


Transgender visibility



The competitive League of Legends scene will have its first championship focusing on the transgender community. The competition, named “Copa Rebecca Heineman, after the American video game designer, programmer, and first-ever video game champion, will take place on January 29, 2021, the national date for Transgender Visibility in Brazil.



Organized by Sher “Transcurecer”, one of the prominent trans women in esports, the tournament focuses on fostering and discovering transgender talent, also offering a workshop for players looking to level up their play. 

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