Here's how to cosplay all five members of K/DA ALL OUT

Tayla "Kinpatsu" Barter as Seraphine

Cosplay Grandmaster Tayla "Kinpatsu" Barter has created a series of easy to follow video tutorials about how to create key items and accessories from K/DA champions, in partnership with Riot Games, to celebrate the launch of the band's new EP, ALL OUT.

The YouTube series features all four members of the music group, including the special appearance of League of Legends' newest champion, Seraphine. The cosplay tutorials cover Akali's weapons, Kai'Sa's blasters, Evelynn's slashers, Ahri's diamond-shaped tail, and Seraphine's gravity-defying wig.

Akali's weapons might seem intimidating to newbie cosplayers but following the right pattern under Kinpatsu's guidance makes it half as easy. The tutorial walks you through making the structure of the Kunai and Kama.



One of the most iconic cosplay accessories of all time is Ahri's diamond-shaped tail.  This tutorial features an elaborate pattern, to be cut from paper or foam, and coated in a gloriously holographic adhesive sheet.



Your hairdo is one of the most important aspects of cosplay... and one of the most challenging skills to pick up! K/DA's newest looks feature very intricate hairstyles to be mimicked in cosplay, as they show a lot of hairlines, which I guarantee will put a lot of cosplayers in a restless mood until they achieve the perfect look. Stryling Seraphine's ponytail is no joke, but Tayla has a lot of very useful tricks to share, like custom dyeing synthetic fiber and creating a gigantic ponytail.



The first tutorial released on Kinpatsu Cosplay's channel taught K/DA fans how to make Kai'Sa's blasters. This is arguably the easiest accessory from this collection, as the shapes are fairly simple to replicate. If you're looking for something simple to get started, Kai'Sa will be a good option.



If all you've ever known was life upon a throne, this last tutorial is for you. Evelynn's lashers are coated in luxurious leatherette and a gorgeous mermaid-looking pattern. Hint: I spotted both of these fabrics at Jo-Ann Stores, they are part of Yaya Han's cosplay fabric line. 


The year of 2020 might not have given us a lot of opportunities to showcase our cosplays around, but if you start now, you might just get all five K/DA ALL OUT costumes done before the next convention happens. Don't forget to check out Tayla's channel for more incredible tutorials.




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