Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has added a Sonic the Hedgehog skin

Source: Mediatonic

Mediatonic has added cosmetic options for players to Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout before, but its most recent skin is the first of its kind. Fall Guys' newest skin for sale is a Sonic the Hedgehog skin, which hit the store on October 14th.


Fall Guys first teased the skin based on Sega's star in a tweet on October 12th from the game's official Twitter account, featuring four fall guys dropping in wearing the new Sonic-themed skin. The skin features Sonic's trademark color that earned him his 'Blue Blur' nickname, as well as his ears and his hair-like hedgehog spikes coming down from the back of his head. 



The Sonic the Hedgehog skin is will no doubt be popular amongst fans of the eponymous franchise that birthed one of the most iconic video game characters in 1991, but an additional aspect of the Sonic community at large provides a particularly humorous wrinkle on the skin. 


The Sonic art community has become somewhat of an internet legend, and not necessarily for the best reasons. Many an internet submission of Sonic the Hedgehog-themed artwork have gone viral, with the impact of the virality seemingly directly associated with the lowness of quality. Sonic artwork has become somewhat of a meme, and while there are exceptions, it's very easy to imagine the cute, simple, Sonic skin in Fall Guys as a crude sketch of the blue hedgehog.


Jokes aside, the Sonic the Hedgehog skin is the best skin Mediatonic has put out so far for Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout and paves the way for more potential cross-franchise cosmetics in the future. To complete the entire Sonic the Hedgehog set, Fall Guys players will need 10 crowns. 



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