#FanArtFriday - League of Legend's rising star, Seraphine


This week for Inven Culture’s #FanArtFriday, we’re focusing on the newest collaborator with K/DA, Seraphine. With no corporeal form, League of Legends’ virtual influencer, Seraphine, is presented to their followers through art. However, their official Riot-driven account is not the only source of incredible artwork around the pink-haired singer-songwriter, with fan art appearing across the internet. With artists from Taiwan to Mexico City, these were some of our favorites, and we hope you enjoy it!



First, is this #Caturday pic from DoMyzu on DeviantArt. Having seen Seraphine’s fluffy co-writer, Bao. DoMyzu keeps the vibe casual and on-brand for Seraphine, giving us a glimpse of what may be her every day.




Next is this vibrant polaroid-inspired look from DeviantArt user RIPShinaide. We loved RIPShinaide’s style, with a strong and layered 2D feel. This piece appears inspired by both Taylor Swift’s 1989 album cover and Seraphine’s cover of the ARY single, “Childhood Dreams.” It also brings in the hand-drawn clouds and stars from that cover’s Soundcloud image. 





A bit more grown-up, artist yanfy imagines Seraphine practicing her music in the park. With the note “don’t forget the mask, even in the park!” we’re happy to see that the artistic community believes Seraphine to be safety conscious as well; staying outside and socially distanced with a mask at the ready. This image plays strongly into the influencer look, with Seraphine facing product—a Starbucks iced drink—and wearing a branded shirt. 




Even more stylized is this glowing piece of digital fan art from Paddy-F. With floating sparkles and musical notes, this bust applies Seraphine’s pink-to-aqua color palette across beautiful line work and fill. 





Perhaps appearing on Seraphine’s snap-chat, this flirty drawing of Seraphine comes from KeydoBurakai. Part of the artist’s #Fantober series, we especially love the restrained use of highlight to really pop aspects like the lips and eyes. Additionally, a sketched-shading style adds a more organic feel to digital art. 



Finally, spotted on MonoriRogue’s DeviantArt is this beautiful take on the singer. It’s hard to find anything we don’t love on this piece. Perfectly quaffed hair? Check. The artsy pairing of black sweater and coveralls? Check. A nod to Seraphine’s love for KDA? Right there in the focus. Make sure to check out Monori’s other KDA art for “The Baddest” if you dig their style. 


Thanks for sticking with us through this pull of art for #FanArtFriday! Want more Seraphine? Check out this link for some of our other favorite pieces! Have a recommendation of a character or series you’d like to see featured in future weeks? Let us know! 




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