100 Thieves announce collaboration with viral phenomenon MSCHF

100 Thieves posted a gif announcing a collaboration with the exclusive drop site MSCHF today on Twitter.

The GIF, featuring a small tank rolling across an 8-bit inspired backdrop, lists August 24th, 8 AM PT as the likely time this product is available to purchase on mschf.xyz.


What is MSCHF?

Comprised of only 7 people, MSCHF can best be described as an online app that has mastered the craft of creating hype and FOMO (fear of missing out) surrounding their cryptic and often completely bizarre product line.

For example, the company has released an Astrology-based stock trading app, a rubber chicken bong, a bath bomb in the shape of a toaster (a morbid gift for these cynical times), and many more edgy items that are sold out within minutes of becoming available. They were also behind the infamous "Finger on the app" challenge that asked users to... well simply keep their finger on their phone screens as long as possible. The last one standing would receive a huge cash prize.

▲ This is what the MSCHF website looks like. A unique design in opposition to what one might normally expect from what is essentially an online store.


 The inherent absurdity of MSCHF's mission can be best described by a Business Insider quote from MSCFH CEO and found Gabe Whaley:

"Our perspective is everything is funny in a nihilistic sort of way.  We're not here to make the world a better place. We're making light of how much everything sucks."

In other words, MSCFH is targeting Doomers. Doomers is a 2020 inspired portmanteau representing a sort of anti-boomer culture -- a collection of young people who already know their foreseeable future will be exhausting, bleak, and filled a silent rage. They are consumers through and through, but in a way decidedly marked by cynicism and distrust of big corporations.


100 Thieves continues it's innovation


Everything sucks and MSCHF knows it -- so why not buy mystery items on the internet in an attempt to join some loosely connected in-crowd of jokesters and cynics? 100 Thieves is usually one-step-ahead of the curve when it comes to utilizing FOMO and hype trends, so you can bet come August 24th their legion of fans will purchase whatever it is MSCFH is selling.

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