Useful Tips While Playing Axie Champions


Designate the Champion to Attack


Touch the opponent's champion to designate the target for the current turn's attack.


This allows you to focus all attacks on champions with low health.


Additionally, you can designate a champion to use a skill and can also change the attack target after using the skill.


Check the Timing of the Enemy Champion's Attack


By looking at the number to the right of the opponent's champion's HP, you can determine the timing of the opponent's attack.


Considering the opponent's HP situation and attack timing together before designating the target can help you navigate the battle more advantageously.



Use Single-target Attack Skills to Exploit Affinity Advantage


If you designate the target before using an attack skill, the skill will be used on that champion.


Skills are also influenced by affinity advantages.


Therefore, targeting champions with affinity advantageous to your skill's affinity can be more effective when using attack skills.



Be Cautious with Attacking Healers


The skill gauge of the opponent's champion charges based on the number of hits taken.


Attacking enemy healers may result in the opponent's champion's HP being restored with healing skills, making the battle more difficult.


Therefore, you should carefully decide whether to attack healer champions based on the opponent's HP situation.


During battle, you can long-press a champion to see their skills.



If You Lack Specific Items or Gold? Exchange Surplus Resources


You can use Item Conversion in the Home - Menu.


Items such as Emeralds, Rubies, and Fusion Cores can be exchanged for other items or gold.



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