How to Edit Your Gameplay Video: Useful Tips

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YouTube hosts video gaming content in great abundance. Given most of it is subpar in terms of quality, you still have to put some elbow grease into your production to make your video appealing. And that’s what we can help with! Even with the basic knowledge that we will provide, you will be able to make your content stand toe to toe with the competition. So, let’s get down to it!

Make a Game Plan

As much as you want to rush into action – don’t. If you want to edit gameplay videos, plan your work ahead as much as you can. This way, you’ll be dramatically less likely to be stuck at some stage of the process. You can start by answering these questions:


What's your endgame?

Basically, are you in for fun or for business? If making a video is nothing but a creative outlet for you – then just go ahead and do as you please. But if you want your channel to grow, you’ll have to do some research and learn what potential audience and YouTube itself might want from you.

What kind of video are you going to make?

A walkthrough, a let’s play, a highlight reel – there are plenty of gaming video formats and each requires a different approach. It’s a good idea to learn the common practices for each of them.

Will your video sound like?

That question is not as simple as it sounds. If you want to include some music, you have to be sure you’ll face no copyright issues. In case you want to record a voice-over, you need a good mic and a sound card. You may also stick to in-game sound only, along with some royalty-free music. 

Production Tips

So, if you have answered the questions above, let’s go over the basics of how to edit gaming videos.

Try writing a script

Envision the complete video in your head, and then try to put on paper all the steps you need to go through to realize your vision.

Record some footage

To record gameplay, you have to follow the workflow of a recording app. But picking the right one might get tricky. PC gamers can go with OBS – a free and very popular streaming and recording software. Console gamers might need to get a special recording device that allows you to record both the game sound and a mic. 

Get a video editing app

Once you have your footage, you need a program to edit it. Most editing programs have a similar workflow, so pick something that fits your skill, budget, and hardware. Once you’ve made your choice, go through tutorials to learn how to operate the program. Basics alone already allow you to put together a decent video.

Cut the boredom out

Usually, people watch videos for fun. So, the first thing you should do is cut off the parts that have no substance for the viewer. Unless you plan to use them in some entertaining way. Either way, if you have an idea in mind – just stick to it.

Add transitions (if you fancy)

Gaming videos have a lot going on, so including some extra dynamics in form transitions is completely optional. This is a matter of taste, and taste comes with practice.

Get a soundtrack or record comments

Background music helps make videos more engaging, but copyrights often get in the way. The easiest solution is to use a royalty-free YouTube music library. If you need to create a voice-over, it is best to record it after editing the footage.

Add yourself to the picture

If you have a webcam, you can record your own live reaction in addition to the gameplay and then include that footage over the video. It usually makes the video more engaging, but is still completely optional – there are a lot of successful YouTubers who have never revealed their faces.

Final Words

So that’s the things you need to know to start editing game videos. This knowledge is basic, but you can build a lot upon this foundation as long as you keep practicing and trying new things. There are guides teaching you how to make the video quality better with step-by-step guides for certain programs. There are communities that are always ready to help. All the knowledge and help you might need is out there, it’s up to you to keep doing it!

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