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Banana is a key area of contention on Inferno for both Terrorist (T) and Counter-Terrorist (CT) sides, and the strategies to get Banana control have stacked on top of each other for a decade now. It’s undoubtedly one of the most important areas in any of the Counter-Strike maps.


So here’s a detailed guide as to how you can fight for Banana control early in the round to establish key map control, and possibly even win the round off of it.


There are more variations of taking Banana control than you can think of, so it really depends on how your opponents tend to play certain situations. You can decide between playing passive or aggressive, and then there are a bunch of variations you can choose from to accomplish that aim.


A more passive, style of play — similar to that of the old Gambig Gaming — for Banana control relies less on utility. You might wanna save your utility for deeper in the round rather than use it all up early on. This is especially important when you only have two players on B and the rotator hasn’t dropped his utility nearby.


Your player with the best B-spawn can throw a deep smoke near the bottom of Banana and molly in front of it to thwart any aggressive ideas from the Ts. That player can play Sandbags for the rest of the early and middle round. As the Car molly from the Ts end, this player can throw a flash and peek Car. Alternatively, the two B players can just grenade stack Logs. You still have one smoke on your B player, and maybe one molly as well. You can expend a little more if the rotator has dropped his utility for you near B or in CT Spawn.

One player can then play CT with a smoke or a molly in his hand and jiggle peek to get info, while the other player can play Second Oranges or maybe even Fountain if he has an AUG.


You should mix your passive approach with an occasional aggressive one as well. Let’s say that the Ts aren’t double-mollying Car (something we’ll talk about in the next section). In this case, you can play 3B early and expend a little key utility. You can smoke off Bottom Mid, throw a molly and a flash and get your AWPer in the Car position. If there’s silence for the next few seconds, and if the smoke clears and there’s no one, you can stack 4 on A and leave the AWPer there with almost a full set of utility.


This is a system I referred to in my s1mple CT-side AWPing article and is my personal favorite Banana play on the CT side.


The evolution of strats go hand-in-hand with the fact that the enemies are always trying to one-up each other, especially in a particular, concentrated area like Banana. As I mentioned earlier, one of the most effective CT side strats is to smoke Bottom Banana, and then molly/nade Logs and surrounding areas, as you see fit. As Ts, you cannot completely counter it, but you can do some things to limit the CTs Banana control.


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