[KOF Arena] Judgment in certain situations that decide the outcome of the game

Dangerous decision 1. Rolling and rolling - consecutive rolling

Players often evade the opponent’s skill by rolling and using their skill right away. The opponent dodges the skill by rolling again, which repeats to enter a lull state. However, if you roll late or you fail to dodge a skill that activates quickly, you could get severe damage by losing initiative.


Then how should you react? The answer is ‘guard’. If you block your opponent’s skill and counter them, you can get the upper hand. What you shouldn’t do is ‘roll’. There’s a slight stiff motion after you roll, so if your opponent saw the situation by guarding, they take the initiative.


▲ It seems Kim Kaphwan dodged Robert Garcia’s attack well and countered, but Kim wasn’t able to land decent attacks.

Dangerous decision 2. ‘Forward roll’ that rolls behind the opponent

The worst choice when being attacked with skills is ‘rolling behind your opponent’. Since there’s a brief stiff motion right after rolling, the attacker often observes the opponent who used a skill reacts. Like this, if you roll behind your opponent, your opponent could watch how you react after using their skill attack while guarding and then continue their attack when the rolling motion is over.


In this situation, ‘rolling backward’ could be a more proper decision. It’s to make some more distance from your opponent to earn some time to deal with your opponent’s next action. You should catch your breath, reform, and seek another chance. You can gain the initiative by using escape, but if the opponent predicts it and guards it, you could fall into a very dangerous counter situation, so it’s usually best to roll backward.


If you roll forward, the sides are changed, so it could give a bit of confusion, but after a certain level, it’s rarely successful. If you want to breach your tier level, you should use forward rolling when you’re playing aggressively with a strike-type fighter with a short skill cooldown, and besides that, it’s better to roll backward.


There is no perfect correct answer about the direction of rolling. It is not easy to decide which direction to roll in such a short second as well. If it’s difficult to decide, you should decide according to the skills and defense measures’ cooldowns while understanding that the safest way is to roll backward.


▲ Roll backward to increase the distance from your opponent to reform while thinking of your opponent’s charge-grapple skill combo!

Dangerous decision 3. Directional key guard which gets penetrated often

Most of you probably experienced the directional key guards getting penetrated. Skills that pursue a fighter or those that pass a fighter by charging don’t get guarded properly. It’s also uncomfortable when the opponent goes through you with their charging skill because you have to guard in the other direction.

This can be easily fixed with ‘button guard (D)’. You can guard by using a shortcut key whenever, so it will be easier to react to pursuing or charging skills, and you can make sure you guard the skill. If you turn off ‘use backward to guard’ in the settings, you can use the button guard, so you should get used to button guarding with a bit of practice.

▲ Goenitz’s Q skill is a good example of the skills that backward guard doesn’t work properly against.
▲ You have to turn ‘move backward to guard’ in the settings menu to use button guard.

Dangerous decision 4. Counterattack after escape, but…

There are often situations where players attempt to counter after using ‘escape’ with a power gauge when the opponent has the initiative. This is one of the decisions that make the game disadvantageous. Why? Here is a specific example.


If you were to escape and counterattack to minimize damage when being attacked by an opponent, the skill attack would succeed, but at the same time, the opponent can take back the initiative by using their own escape. Since the opponent had the initiative in the first place, their skill cooldowns reset faster. As a result, you attempted to counterattack by using escape, but the opponent would counter your counter using the same way.

However, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t use escape. The safest decision is to step ‘backward’ after using escape. This way, you could gain the initiative since your opponent’s skills are on cooldown. Obviously, if your opponent doesn’t have enough power gauges or their escape is on cooldown, you should use escape aggressively and give them as much damage as possible.


▲ King attempted to turn the game around by using escape, but Mai had her escape, and King suffered severe damage.

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