[ArcheWorld] "Ideal profit model" — Sells out 4,500 NFTs worth $340 each


With the recent trend of gamefi moving towards efficiency, the NFT market is in the midst of finding gems among stones. The standard of valuation has begun to shift from symbolism to utility. In this context, ArcheWorld's recent performance in the Polygon market is noteworthy.


ArcheWorld is a PC MMORPG based on the flagship game ArcheAge, which was developed by the father of MMORPGs, Song Jae-kyung (CEO of XL Games), and was the first game to be onboarded on BORA, the Web3 game platform of Korean gaming giant Kakao Games. It was highly anticipated not only in Korea but also overseas before its release and has continued to be a successful hit after its launch.

(* BORA project aims to become the first extensive Web3 Game/Content platform to revitalize the blockchain game ecosystem through mass adoption of users from all over the world. Kakao Games, which BORA is a sub-subsidiary of, is one of South Korea’s largest game companies that provides advantages like onboarding high-quality Web2 content and synergizing with numerous affiliates from Kakao Group. BORA strives to convert these successful web2 contents into Web3 standards to maximize the content experience for consumers.)


Last April, when the NFT market entered a bear market after the launch of the Klaytn-based Asian server in the second half of last year, the Polygon-based North American server followed up in about eight months and sold out about 4,600 parcels of land NFTs (totaling 1.6B KRW), attracting attention. The NFTs are highly efficient and value-preserving, so the market has responded positively. Currently, the trading volume on the Opensea Polygon Marketplace ranks in the top 8 over the last 30 days, showing solid trading performance since its launch.


ArcheWorld's NFT "lands" are organized into Standard, Medium, Large, Extra Large, and Mega sizes. The larger the size, the higher the amount of Archeum earned. NFT holders can directly operate the land they own in the game or lease it out and receive monthly 'land rent' payments. Based on this, let's take a look at the top three benefits of land NFTs in ArcheWorld.


"Monetization possible without NFTs, bigger benefits with land NFTs"


Users can earn the currency 'Archeum' through gameplay such as housing and world raids. Archeum can be sold to other users through exchanges or exchanged for 'Blue Salt Stars' to earn BSLT (Blue Salt, ArcheWorld's token) per unit. The higher the equipment score, the more BSLT you earn. The user revenue guarantee system is in place so that you can enjoy the content and earn BSLT through farming even if you don't own land. However, owning or renting land NFTs will allow you to accumulate Archeum much faster.


▲ The higher the equipment score, the more BSLT you can exchange for the same amount of Archeum

"The benefits of NFT land prices with good value preservation"


Land NFTs can benefit greatly depending on their size. Different land sizes produce different amounts of Archeum, so the market price is proportional to the size of the land. With the stable price of BSLT and its obvious in-game uses, the price of NFTs has also risen. A mega-sized land that was minted for 2,250 Klay was traded for 70,000 Klay, about 31 times the price. At the time, the price was equivalent to about 15,000 USD. Since the land obtained by participating in public minting can be used to profit from the market price difference, the enthusiasm for minting has increased, and secondary trading is also very active.


▲ Mega-sized land was traded for 70,000 Klay, 31 times the minting price, and became a hot topic.

"Lease system where you get paid doing nothing"


Land NFTs have a well-implemented leasing system for time-poor holders, which allows them to continue to monetize them. By renting out your land NFTs to tenants (other users), you can get paid while doing nothing. If you don't have time to play the game or can't access it consistently, you can rent it out. Based on the current market price, you can rent out standard land for 6 months and recover your principal.


In addition, a percentage of the monthly rent for "system land" (land owned by the ArcheWorld team, up to 3 leases per account) will be paid to holders of land NFTs, so you can earn money even if you don't play. In fact, just like real estate, there are investors who manage more than 100 parcels of land within ArcheWorld. Currently, the Asian server has a land lease rate of nearly 99%, so you should either rent or buy land if you can afford it.


▲ The bigger the land, the better! The difference in BSLT revenue is about 25x.
▲ 51.2% of land is leased after purchase, and 48.8% is used directly by the landlord.
▲ The land lease rate is a whopping 98.8%.


If you can't afford to buy land, there’s no need to despair. As mentioned above, even if you have a small amount of funds, you can still get a taste of the real ArcheWorld by renting land. If you don't have the initial funds, you can also grow in stages by earning 'Archeum' through gameplay, such as participating in content, to fund your lease.


You can also acquire land through various events while enjoying ArcheWorld. News of various events can be found on the official ArcheWorld Discord (https://discord.gg/ArcheWorld), so you can subscribe to the channel and follow the news to participate in events as they come up. In the past, the Chest of Wealth event, which rewarded land NFTs, had a high participation rate, with 150,000 units sold out early.


Currently, ArcheWorld has a well-established ecosystem, and it has been receiving very positive market reviews. Even without land NFTs, it is possible to create revenue in various ways — by simply playing the game and participating in events, so how about playing ArcheWorld to prepare to become a landlord?

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