Apex Legends introduces new battle pass for season 5

Image Source: Respawn Entertainment


Apex Legends enters its fifth season with a bang. Released today, Fortune’s Favor will feature a new Battle Pass, meaning new items to unlock, a new chance to level up, and brand news cosmetic items for players to collect.


A new Legend enters the arena: Loba, the high society thief has a very unique skillset. With a bracelet, the character is able to teleport through the arena, being able to sneak in and out of battle. Her ultimate, Black Market Boutique, teleports all nearby loot to the inventory, with players being granted two items of the pile. Loba’s passive ability, Eye for Quality, allows her to see epic and legendary loot items through walls, which allows the player to see when the best time to set up their ultimate is.




The battle pass will grant access to a new legendary skin for Revenant, Wraith, and Bloodhunt, as well as giving the players the “Retrofitted Hemlock” weapon skin. Upon reaching level 25 and level 50, players will unlock the “Fool’s Gold” legendary skin for Mirage, and “Sky Marshall” legendary skin for Bangalore, respectively.


Players who opt-out from the Battle Pass will still be able to earn Loba’s “Huntswoman” skin, five Apex Packs, and Season 5 Win Trackers for all Legends. For 950 Apex coins, you can get the regular Battle Pass, and for 2,800 Apex Coins, you can get the Battle Pass Bundle, which contains content worth about 4,700 Apex Coins.


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