[KOF Arena] Investing controller level up points efficiently

The importance of leveling up your controller

To fully utilize the attributes and sockets of a controller, you need to level it up. You can gain points to increase your attributes by leveling up. At levels 5, 10, 15, and 20, the gem sockets will be unlocked, so you need to level up your controller by using FM to mine FM more efficiently.

The higher the grade and level, the more FM you need, so you might think, “Do I really need to use up my FM to increase the level?” However, it is more beneficial, even in the short term, to increase the attributes by constantly leveling up your controller than just linking a level 1 controller to mine FM with its base attributes. Even from an investing point of view, leveling up your controller is a must.

▲ You can increase the attributes by equipping gems in the sockets of the controllers that are opened according to the level.
▲ The gems to equip in the sockets can be gained from mystery boxes.

On which attributes should I use my points?

Since you can’t undo the points you invested, you need to be careful. The comfort attribute doesn’t have any functions yet, so it’s good to invest your points in Efficiency which affects FM mining directly. Raising the Resilience stat later on is also good when the repair fee gets too high according to the win rate.


The Luck attribute increases the chance of gaining a mystery box, but the effect of investing a small portion of your points isn’t as intuitive, so you should consider investing your points on Luck after Lv. 10 or after you’ve already invested enough points in Efficiency and Resilience.


How many points should I invest in Efficiency?

The reason investing points in Efficiency to increase FM mining is emphasized is that you can see how much more FM you gain right away when you invest your points in it. However, just simply investing all your points in Efficiency isn’t always efficient. If your efficiency stat is high, the increase range per point decreases. For example, Efficiency 10 and 11 have a 5% difference in FM mining, but between 50 and 51, the difference is only 1%. That being said, raising Efficiency is good early on, but after around 40-50, it’s better to invest your points in other attributes.

▲ FM mining rate by Efficiency (Silver1 1v1 mode win with 100% durability)

▲ The FM mining increase range by point invested in Efficiency. The higher the efficiency, the increase range reduces.

Resilience, investment to reduce repair fee

Resilience reduces the repair fee, but it also reduces the amount of durability that is used up every fight. The higher the resilience, you can save the FM used to maintain your controller.

With a level 1 common controller and 1 Resilience, 10 durability decreases per fight, but if the resilience is 6, only 4 durability is decreased. For the repair fee of a common level 1 controller, you need 8 FM to repair 10 durability, but if your resilience is 9, you can repair 17 durabilty with only 1 FM.

▲ If your win rate is low, it’s good to invest in Resilience to reduce the repair fee.

▲ Durability used per fight by resilience stat (Common Lv.1 controller)

▲ Max durability that can be repaired with 1 FM by resilience (Common Lv.1 controller)
If the resilience is high, the durability used per fight reduces, and you can repair more with the same amount of FM.

When the controller level rises, the amount used to repair it increases. The above data is based on a Lv.1 controller, so you shouldn’t think of just raising your resilience up to 10. It’s most efficient to mine FM when having a 3:1 or 4:1 ratio between efficiency and resilience, so manage the ratio according to your win rate.


▲ The higher the level and grade of the controller, resilience gets more important.

Go for Luck after controller Lv. 15

When you fight with a linked controller, there’s a low chance of gaining a mystery box, and the gems that can be equipped in sockets are gained only from mystery boxes. However, the chances of gaining a mystery box are very low. When your luck is 1, there’s only a 0.025% chance. When luck is 5, it’s 0.123%, when luck is 10, it’s 0.24%. To raise the chances up to 0.5%, you need 22 luck. There are also grades to the mystery boxes: common, uncommon, and rare, and the above percentages are chances to gain a common mystery box. Obviously, higher grade boxes are rarer.


Luck might be an attribute that can be neglected, but you shouldn’t ignore it completely, so you should invest points in luck after you’ve invested enough in efficiency and resilience. Usually, it’s good to spend some points from around controller level 13-15.


▲ Chances to gain mystery boxes by luck stat.
▲ By combining three gems of the same color and level that you gained from the mastery cube, you can upgrade them. A high-level gem increases an attribute a lot, so you need to raise your chances of gaining a mastery box.
▲ Like controllers, gems are also considered NFT, so they can be traded in the MBX marketplace.

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