IGEC Inven Global Esports Conference



June 1st - 2nd

IGEC 2022 is over! Thank you to everyone that participated. See you next year!


Lessons in Esports Leadership: Looking at the Past and Future of Competitive Gaming

Esports is about players first, but every successful organization has a head on its shoulders making the decisions. We’ve assembled an all-star CEO cast of some of esports biggest names, including the likes of G2’s Carlos Rodríguez, FlyQuest’s Tricia Sugita, T1’s Joe Marsh and Team Liquid's Steve Arhancet.

KEYNOTE - Continuing the TSM Legacy: the Esports Titles of the Future

TSM's VP of Esports joins us for a behind the scenes look at how teams operating at the highest level decide which esports to compete in, and how to distribute resources for the best results. This an unrivaled opportunity to learn how decisions are reached on the road to winning titles.

The Fight for Unionization in Esports & Gaming

Player and worker rights are an ongoing battle in gaming and esports, and the international nature of the industry makes the challenge even more tricky. We’ve gathered a panel of experts on unionization, player, and worker rights to discuss the progress this industry has made and the steps that still need to be taken.

Champions Queue and What it Means for Pro Scouting

Champions Queue is a unique tool for North American League of Legends pros and rising stars to practice on a low-ping, exclusive server. However, it has also become the centerpiece for discussion about optimal training and workload. Now you have a chance to listen as some of the foremost experts in the industry share their thoughts, and stick around to pick their brains in our Q+A.

Innovation on the Blockchain

Web3 has become a popular buzzword in esports and gaming, but to many, this technology is still new and nebulous. Our panel will explore and explain some of the innovative ways web3 and associated technology is being used to drive gaming forward, and how the industry could grow as a result..

The Future of Esports Partnerships: Is esports going mainstream?

What does the convergence of esports with technology, streaming, and gaming mean for partnerships in 2022 and beyond? How are "endemic" brands redefining themselves through sponsorships, partnerships, amid the shifting identity of esports and esports brands? Join experts in content and brand partnerships as they share what the landscape looks like in the new year and how to be successful in developing, and getting ahead of, the new partnerships trends in this industry.

The Story Behind Successful Esports Merchandise Campaigns

Merchandise in esports is, and always has been a huge part of the ecosystem, but how do the biggest drops and hottest lines actually get to the point of being ready to sell? Our panel will look at some of the most successful examples from the industry, and explore what we can learn by doing so.


Investment into Esports

Esports has been a magnet for venture capitalists since it first came to mainstream attention. Amidst incredible opportunity, growth, and controversy, esports is projected to generate nearly $1.38 billion in revenues by the end of 2022. Our panel looks at the risks and rewards of esports investments in 2022, and where the best places to invest might be with the future of the scene in mind.

Lessons in Leadership: Growing Grassroots Smash Esports now!

Super Smash Bros. as a franchise is one of the oldest surviving titles in the esports space, but the competitive scene has long enjoyed a complicated relationship with publishers Nintendo. We look at the unique challenges facing the scene, and how Smash continues to grow without their Japanese owners’ support.

Company Culture in Gaming: Secrets to Building a Team that Thrives, Grows, and Stay

Culture is key to creating a successful business, and nowhere nuanced than in esports, where much of the work day can take place online. Earning loyalty and passion, creating diversity of thought and an inclusive workplace, and offering opportunities to grow are all vital to talent attraction & retention, as our panel will outline and explore in this session.

Growing Domestic Talent in LCS & LEC

Western teams have long struggled to compete with Korean and Chinese teams when it comes to international events, and we’ve got a pair of industry experts to look into how and why that might happen. We’ll also look at success stories in scouting, and how those can be learned from moving into the future of western League of Legends.

Thinking 2D: A Guide to Successful VTubing

The VShojo team hosts a workshop on vtubing, sharing the secrets of their talents’ success, both for those looking to get into the field, and people just learning more about the craft. VShojo is the team supporting the legendary Ironmouse, Projekt Melody, and more!

Interview with the Chaotic Demon Queen


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