Internet points fingers at Isabella Janke for encouraging Chris Chan to rape their mother


Ever since Chris Chan was arrested for sexually abusing their own 80-year-old mother, the internet has been digging even deeper into the tragic saga of "the most heavily documented person on the internet." 


While Chan has been the main target of everyone's disgust and horror, some people have blamed Chan's out-of-control spiral of disturbing behavior on outside influences. Since Chan has certain learning disabilities and mental illnesses, some feel they were taken advantage of by trolls and bullies online. Others think that the source of the manipulation was closer to Chan than once believed. 


The target? Isabella Loretta Janke.


This woman is the alleged voice in the leaked phone call between Chan and a friend, where Chan admits to raping his mother. In the phone call, listeners could also hear that whoever Chan was talking to was almost encouraging them to keep abusing Barbara, who has dementia. 


While Chan's actions are their own, a lot of people started to wonder about Janke and her involvement in the upsetting crime. 


Who is Isabella Loretta Janke?


According to internet sleuths, Janke has been Chan's "friend" for a while now. It's believed she has pushed and bullied Chan to attempting to take their own life and has also taken money from the Sonichu artist. It's also said that Janke is the one who made the recordings of the phone call, which has led some to believe she did it to blackmail Chan. 


When listening to the tape, viewers felt that Janke was not shocked or horrified by the incest. Instead, she seemed to encourage it. She was also aware of the crimes and never reported the abuse. Janke is even said to have discouraged someone else from going to the police. 


While Chan told Janke about Barbara's g-spot, Janke said: "True, make sure to have a lot of fun... Have a lot of fun with her, right? Because you're doing this for your mom. I'll be there watching to make sure nobody is trying to hurt you or take videos of you too." 


Janke goes on to say that Chan must be "stressed" due to the judgment they are facing over the situation with Barbara. She then asked Chan how they "approached" Barbara regarding their sexual relationship. Chan responded that Barbara made the first move. 


"Oh really, wow, Barbara! How did she do it?" Janke asked. "What was the first move?"


This situation would match a lot of Janke's previous interactions with Chan, which involve her attempting to film Chan having sex with a young, autistic woman at BronyCon. Janke leaked false information about the victim online, which led to them being harassed to the point of needing hospitalization at a psychiatric center. 


Janke has been allegedly involved in other concerningly similar cases as well, including the mental abuse of a trans student at the Texas Tech Campus. There are a list of other possible situations as well but, again, nothing can be proven at this time. 



While these are rumors and speculation, this is just another part of Chan's life that the internet can't get enough of. Even with Chan arrested for their crimes, it appears that the internet won't let the saga die. 

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