Battlestation Style 103: Color and high impact mood


For the third edition of our Battlestations showcase, we have curated some of the most jaw-dropping gaming setups. These creators have stepped up their game with lighting, custom furniture, decorations, and more.


Let us know which ones are your favorites!



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This Battlestation has amazing lighting! We love the white and blue lights reflecting off the stone wall gives this setup a cool feeling. The lights only help to spread the blue color around the room providing a uniform tone and style.


Extra credit for having The Witcherthemed art and wallpaper.


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This Battlestation is something different from the rest. While most stations like to model to a modernistic and sci-fi style. This setup use of living plants creates a setup that is truly unique. The plants give an inviting setup. A station that you could get some serious work done or play an intense game of League of Legends.



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"But can it run Crysis?" A common term used in the PC building community. We think that his Battlestation can not only run Crysis but also your own Minecraft server, mine some bitcoin, and render a video in Adobe Premier Pro.


This Battlestation besides the monster specs is a sight to behold. The blue led's in the server rack helps to match it with the monitors and keyboard. The use of the server rack to hang up a VR headset and controllers is a great space-saving technique.


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Some of the best setups are those that can multiple uses. We love to see Battlestations that can also double as a social space for shared gaming experiences. Aesthetically, this setup contrasts the blue and orange to create a nice tone for the room. The use of LEDs in a recessed ceiling creating the illusion of a high ceiling and helps outline the room. 



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We think that the red lighting plus the attic design of room make this setup a great all-around Battlestation. We especially like how the clean the whole room is and the decision to use the same color furniture. The white furniture and RBG lighting brings in a warm and inviting feeling to the room.

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