The Overall Guide for Newbie in Returners: From Picking Your First Heroes to Getting End-Game Gear!


In Returners, there are some brief guides available after the tutorial that explain different parts of the game. However, the guides are often too brief to give you a proper understanding, leaving out details that would be quite helpful to know.

Here is a list of guides that can provide you with a bunch of useful tips and details that aren’t found in the game. Be sure to check them out so you can play more efficiently and get as many rewards as you can!




■ I only have a few heroes. What heroes should I summon and level up the most?

You will be able to summon all heroes in Returners gradually as you play. There are some heroes that can’t be purchased with gold since they come with some requirements such as getting to the Diamond league. However, you can summon heroes using Bluestone if you don’t want to wait.

You might feel the need to summon new heroes right away using Bluestone since you don’t have that many heroes available in the beginning; since Bluestone allows you to bypass the requirements of the different heroes, it can be very tempting. In truth, you should avoid doing that, but if you do, you should at the very least pick a hero that will be useful.

There are several heroes in Returners that are considered strong throughout the game, but in order to make the most of them, you have to level them up, upgrade their skills, and equip them with the right gear. That is why you shouldn’t waste your Bluestone summoning heroes in the early phase of the game and instead choose heroes that you can use for a long time and gradually get new heroes as you scale up your old heroes.

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■ The difficulty of the Adventure stages is suddenly too hard! What should I do?

Adventure mode at first is very easy, even when you place your heroes randomly in the team. However, it gradually gets harder as you move on further into the stages, and it becomes very difficult to clear the stages around chapter 4 where the stage CP goes over 10,000.

The fastest way to scale up your team would be getting end-game gear from gear draws but this is easier said than done. Rather than relying on chance, it is better to solve this by learning how to efficiently use battle settings and Tactic Cards.

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■ Must I participate in the League?

The League is one of the main features along with the Arena, Raid, and Specter Chase. On the other hand, Adventure and the Special Dungeons are a means to strengthen your team through the gear, enhance materials, etc. you earn.

This is why you should participate in the League. Truthfully, it would be hard to talk about Returners without mentioning the League.

However, there are players who are reluctant to take part in PvP content since battling against other players may be stressful. The PvP in Returners is actually not much different from PvE; the main difference is the amount of strategy involved in creating your teams. Also, you are automatically entered into the League matches once you are done with the Proving Ground (the placement games) so don’t forget to earn rewards by making slight changes in your the League battle settings, such as your Tactic Cards.

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■ There are so many things I have to do but so little Energy! Is there anything I should prioritize?

It is hard to feel the lack of Energy during the early phase of the game when you are only playing in Adventure. There isn’t as much to do in the beginning, and since you level up quickly your Energy is almost constantly replenished. However, once you are done going through the early quests and have managed to get to rank 40~50, your Energy will start running out.

Because Energy is very limited, there is a certain routine you should follow for efficiency in Returners. Notably, it is very important to get 150 Bluestones every day by completing the daily missions, ‘A Great Day’ and ‘Perfect Day’. If you do these two daily missions, you can gradually level up your team and you won’t feel the need to go P2W in Returners.

If you run out of Energy even though you haven’t done your daily missions, then do the normal gear draws from the shop or use the Specter Chase. Both are great ways to get a large amount of extra Energy.


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■ I am running out of space in my inventory. How am I supposed to get rid of what I don’t need?

When you just start playing, you will have no choice but to use the gear you get from Adventure stages. You will likely be switching your gear one by one whenever you get something better, while equipping the heroes you don’t use with the lower quality items. However, you will be summoning less and less new heroes as time passes, but will also accumulate more gear, leaving no space in your inventory.

Expanding inventory space in the early phase of the game is a bit of an extravagant purchase. This is why you should clear out your inventory regularly by using the ‘Sell’ button in your inventory to get rid of the stuff you don’t need. You should see 1~3-star Normal gear in the very early phase of the game, and once you start equipping your heroes with Rare gear, sell Normal gear with higher Star ranks; once you get Legendary gear, start getting rid of Rare ones.

You might think that you should not sell gear that you don’t use so that you can use them for enhancing the ones you do use. However, using gear instead of enhance materials is not very efficient and eats up a lot of gold. Also, don’t enhance Normal gear; use them as they are until you get Rare gear.

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■ Are Altars important? Where should I invest my Essence?

Altars can be activated by investing the Altar Essence you get whenever you rank up. There are 4 kinds of Altars -- Hero, Energy, Gear, and Rune; the Rune Altar is the least used one.

If you invest your Altar Essence in the Gear Altar, you will get enhance materials, extra Energy if you invest in the Energy Altar, and EXP books if you invest in the Hero Altar.

As for the Rune Altar, it allows you to transfer Rune Bits from certain heroes to other heroes, but it isn’t efficient to invest much so it isn’t recommended.

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■ I scaled up my heroes and equipped them with gear but they still die too easily.

If your hero CP seems too low or you heroes die too easily despite having good gear and whatnot, you may want to check their Runes.

The Rune system gives your heroes various extra stats like additional attack, defense, evasion, steal life, etc. and needs to be individually set for each hero. There are cases where attack and survivability could drastically change based on whether your hero has Runes or not. Runes are especially important at higher levels and grades, since many of them provide percentage-based boosts.

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■ I think I understand the game to some extent. Now I want to know what the best gear is.

The best gear and best class can change with the different patches. At the same time, there is never a single ultimate build for your heroes and teams. Players each often have their own preferred strategies and team comps; while there are definitely trends because of the meta in the game, there are also often counters to those trends.

Nevertheless, the meta changes now and then and you can’t predict what gear sets you will be able to complete first, so it is good to know what hero is suitable for the different gear you obtain.

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