Hero Tier List for Returners: Which Heroes Are OP?


There are various unique heroes with different strengths in Returners.

Some heroes are powerful in the Adventure mode while quite weak in the Arena, while some heroes are great in the League but not so great in PvE content like the Raid or Adventure. There are different areas that each hero works best in so having all heroes leveled up will be very helpful when playing Returners.

For those who are confused about which hero is the best in what, here is a list of hero tiers based on Adventure/Raid/League/Arena, the main content of Returners.

(※ This table is based on the early half of 2018 and how everyone feels about each hero rank may be different.)


■ Tank



■ Fighter

■ Ranger



■ Mage




■ Support

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    level 1 Shiii

    Thanks for the list and spend time to make it clear

    But I honestly think this list is way least for higher level crystal league and arena wise

    Sorry about that
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    level 1 Mojimi

    Siegfried tier A in adventure? Him and Alice are a must for bosses.

    Also I wonder if this list came before the Rollo buffs

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