Guide to the Best Gear Set For Each Class in Returners


There are different kinds of gear you can use in Returners. For Legendary gear, there are 3 kinds of set gear and 1 kind of single gear; for Loyalty gear, there are 2 kinds of gear available for each class. There are 3 kinds of Rare set gear as well.

Since there are so many kinds of equipment, it might be hard for you to decide which is better than the other, and what gear composition you should go for. All gear provides different effects, and there are also set effects, so it can be difficult for newbies to find the best gear compositions.

So, here is a list of the most popular gear for each class. Gear comp is easily influenced by the meta change so there is no fixed answer, but this will certainly work as a guideline.


■ Tank Gear: Balance between Skill Cooldown, HP, Defense

Popular Gear Set for Tanks

  -  Fenrir’s Doom + Hell’s Gate Helmet & Armor + Scarlet Boots & Necklace
  -  Fenrir’s Doom + Hell’s Gate Helmet & Armor & Boots + Scarlet Necklace
  -  Fenrir’s Doom + Giant Helmet + Hell’s Gate Armor & Boots & Necklace
  -  Scarlet Greatsword & Helmet + Hell’s Gate Armor & Boots & Necklace

Currently, King Arthur and Alexandra - the heroes that can taunt enemies and use CC; Siegfried - who deals quite a lot of damage for a tank; and Joan of Arc - who boosts ally attacks during the Raid - are the most popular tanks in Returners.

They may have low attack strength, but they have skills that can help their ally heroes by keeping enemies engaged. This is why you should go for skill cooldown rather than focus on increasing their attack when selecting their gear; they should also have high defense so that they can withstand enemy attacks.

Fenrir’s Doom and the Hell’s Gate set are popular as a gear comp that provides both skill cooldown and survivability. Fenrir’s Doom has a 2.5-second skill cooldown decrease while the Hell’s Gate set is efficient when fighting against rangers with high defense in the League. Notably, its armor provides a 3.5-second cooldown decrease for the wearer’s ultimate skill so it is a must-have for tanks.

The Scarlet set is mostly used if you cannot complete a whole Legendary gear set; the Scarlet Boots and Scarlet Necklace are considered quite useful in general due to their high specs. When you get to draw some Legendary gear, there are times where your tanks’ gear will fall short since it is common for players to invest in DPS first. This is why you should consider using the full Scarlet set. Other than Scarlet, you can also use either the Guardian Knight or Berserker set since the former provides balance in HP and stun resistance while the latter provides balance in physical and magic defense; however, both do fall short when compared to the Scarlet set.


Fenrir’s Doom is popular for its skill cooldown decrease effect.


The Hell’s Gate set is preferred since it provides both skill cooldown and survivability.


If you run short on Legendary gear to use, then the Scarlet set will come in handy - especially the necklace.



■ Fighter Gear: Gear with Skill Cooldown Reduction Preferred, Sinister Black Dragon Set for Hercules

Popular Gear Set for Fighters

  -  Heavenly Blade Murasame & Divine Helmet & Armor & Ring + Swashbuckler Boots
  -  Shining Mithril Sword + Swashbuckler Helmet & Boots + Champion Uniform & Ring
  -  The full Sinister Black Dragon set
  -  Sinister Black Dragon Greatsword & Helmet & Armor & Boots + Divine Ring

With fighters, the CC skills of Hong gil-dong and Theseus are preferred in the League and Arena, while Sun Wukong and Hercules are preferred in the raid for their physical defence debuff powerful damage respectively; Xiang Yu is used as an alternative tank as he can decrease enemy physical attacks with his skill, ‘Overlord Roar’.

Since most of the fighters are highly dependent on their skills, the 1st and 2nd gear comp where Heavenly Blade Murasame or Shining Mithril Sword are used are highly preferred. The reason you want to use these two gear comps is because they allow your hero to continue inflicting damage with frequent CC.

Actually, these two gear comps only differ slightly; the comp that uses Heavenly Blade Murasame is focused on increasing physical attack while the Shining Mithril Sword comp is more focused on increasing magic attack. The recommended gear comp will depend on what heroes you use.

The Sinister Black Dragon comp is solely for Hercules. The Sinister Black Dragon set focuses on basic attack by increasing critical damage, critical rate, physical damage, etc. As Hercules is the only fighter that deals most of his damage through his basic attacks, this gear comp is considered a specialized one for Hercules. Make a note that equipping Divine Ring instead of Sinister Black Dragon Rings will give you higher attack and HP but will make you lose out on crit rate, so you should make up for that with Runes.

Rare gear is actually more efficient for fighters than other classes. This is due to the Swashbuckler set; the Swashbuckler Helmet and Boots come with a skill cooldown effect for normal skills, which some players even like to upgrade to 6-Star to use. However, it is not recommended that you use the full set unless it’s for Kumiho or Hong Gil-dong. Since the Swashbuckler set comes with many stats related to magic attack, the full set would only benefit Kumiho and Hong Gil-dong.


▲ Use the Heavenly Blade Murasame gear comp if you want more skill cooldown.


▲ The Sinister Black Dragon gear can boost Hercules basic attack damage output.


▲ Swashbuckler Helmet and Boots may not be Legendary but are used along with end-game gear.



■ Ranger: Maximize Your Damage While Staying Alive!

Popular Gear Set for Rangers

  -  Ultimate Arrow & Boots + Annihilation Helmet & Armor & Ring
  -  The full Ultimate set
  -  Ultimate Arrow & Armor & Boots & Ring + Dark Wolf Hunter Helmet*
  -  The full Launcher set

The most preferred gear comps for rangers are the ones optimized for Jumong and Taejo, the top tier heroes; basically, the gear set that increase basic attack with the Ultimate Arrow is the most used one. The Launcher set is considered specialized for Taejo who has powerful skill damage.

The most common gear set would be the Ultimate Arrow & Boots + Annihilation Helmet & Armor & Ring comp. This gives you physical and critical damage with attack speed while also boosting basic attack, so it is great for Jumong, but you can also use it for other rangers as well.

The full Ultimate or Launcher sets are also popular. Both provide powerful damage and also give more defense than the Annihilation set does. This is handy for League/Arena, since there have been a lot of mages appearing in top ranking teams.

The full Launcher set is the best gear set for Taejo; if the Ultimate Arrow gear comp is focused on basic attack increase, the Launcher set is focused on increasing physical attack and skill damage. These stats are well-suited to Taejo since he attacks support first and deals a lot of damage with his skills.

There isn’t much Rare gear to recommend for rangers. All of the Mercenary, Guardian, and Shining Star sets are inefficient and should be replaced with something better like Legendary or Loyalty items the moment you obtain them.


▲ Gear comps with the Ultimate Arrow are good for heroes specialized in basic attacks like Jumong.


▲ Taejo has powerful skills which go well with the Launcher set.



■ Mage Gear: Gear with Skill Cooldown Reduction to Let You Use Powerful Skills Even More Frequently!

Popular Gear Set for Mages

  -  The full Absolute Monarch set (widely used)
  -  Absolute Monarch Staff & Hat + Great Demon King Cape & Shoes + Heroic Fergus Ring
  -  Absolute Monarch Staff & Hat + Great Demon King Cape & Shoes + Heroic Fergus Ring
  -  Absolute Monarch Staff & Hat + Benevolent Queen Clothes & Shoes + Heroic Fergus Ring

Mages mainly use gear comps that give skill cooldown reduction since they depend on their skill damage and CC. The most widely used gear comp would be the full Absolute Monarch set, although most popular heroes in the top League or Arena ranks like Nikola Tesla, Dr. Jekyll, and Rasputina use specialized gear sets.

First, the full Absolute Monarch set has a 4-piece effect that reduces the skill cooldown for normal skills and a 5-piece effect for the wearer’s ult skill. It has various offensive buffs like magic piercing (magic penetration), attack speed, and critical rate increase, while also providing a bit of defense as well. It is the most common gear comp that you can use for several different heroes.

With Dr. Jekyll and Rasputina, the 2nd gear comp is usually used. You can aim for more stability with the Great Demon King Cape and Shoes while reducing ult skill cooldown with Heroic Fergus Ring, which will allow your heroes to continue fighting for a longer period.

Nikola Tesla is an AoE mage with the most powerful burst damage out of all mages; you should go for reducing ult skill cooldown while increasing his magic attack with Benevolent Queen Clothes and Shoes.

Rare gear for mages is divided by effect -- Mysterious Labyrinth for boosting ult skill attack; Legendary for increasing average damage and basic attack; Cursed Demon Staff for boosting normal skill damage. However, mages don’t use much Rare gear compared to Legendary gear so you should use them for whatever boost you like then switch to Legendary gear as soon as you can.


▲ The Absolute Monarch set is the most widely used gear for mages.


▲ Heroic Fergus Ring is a Loyalty gear that is popular for its effects, including its ult skill cooldown decrease and damage increase.



■ Support Gear: 3 Pieces of Shining Goddess, 3 Pieces of Immortal Flaming Empress for DPS!

Popular Gear Set for Supports

  -  Shining Goddess Staff & Crown & Ring + Immortal Flaming Empress Armor & Shoes (for healer)
  -  Immortal Flaming Empress Sword & Armor & Shoes + Shining Goddess Crown & Ring (for non-healer)

There is a huge gap between each support type compared to other classes in Returners. Siren and Panacea are specialized in healing while Cleopatra and Zhuge Liang are specialized in immobilizing enemy and supporting allies with damage; Cassandra specializes in reducing and increasing skill cooldowns.

Due to these distinctions, support gear comps are divided into two main comps. Shining Goddess and Immortal Flaming Empress gear pieces are the most-used ones while Holy Archangel isn’t. The 3-piece Shining Goddess gear comp is mostly used by healer supports like Panacea and Siren due to the 3-piece effect, skill recovery increase. On the other hand, the 3-piece Immortal Flaming Empress gear comp is mostly used by supports who support ally damage with magic attack increase.

It is case by case for Cassandra since she can be used for other content, though not she’s not always efficient; she is usually used solely for the Raid. Cassandra’s role is to support ally heroes with burst damage like Jumong with her skill cooldown decrease. This is why you give up on attack-related effects and only go for skill cooldown reduction. There are many cases where players give up set effects and use pieces from other gear sets so feel free to use what you think is best.


The 3-piece Shining Goddess gear comp is mostly used by healer supports like Siren and Panacea.


▲The 3-piece Immortal Flaming Empress gear comp is great for aggressive supports like Zhuge Liang and Cleopatra.


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  • 1

    level 1 Kingofatk

    This is popular Gear set . This isn't best Gear set.
  • 0

    level 1 Shadow


    Could you pls share us your thought about Holy set for support. I saw many players used this set for maid. She can use ultimate skill at 9s(with great condition). It is very powerful in pvp.

    • 0

      level 11 Meii


      Hi! Sorry for the late reply.

      The Holy Archangel set isn’t bad itself but it is more efficient to mix the pieces with other gear so it falls short in popularity in KR.

      This seems to be due to the reasons the gear don’t come with skill cooldown reduction but are rather focused on magic pierce or HP increase (except the weapon), and the accessory comes with physical defense instead of magical attack. Also, you’d also need to try to reduce skill cooldown with the set effects but you would only get that for the 4-pieces or 5-pieces effects, making it harder for you to mix it with other gear.

      However, that doesn’t mean the Holy Archangel set is completely useless; you can’t use the best gear comp all the time and any supports (regardless of healing or non-healing) can use the Archangel set, which means Victoria can use them, too. Currently, Victoria is popular for teams specialized in AoE damage with heroes like Hong Gil-dong, Dr. Jekyll, Nikola Tesla, and Hartmann; if you need to place Victoria in your team but don’t have any better gear than Holy Archangel, then it will be the best choice you have for Victoria.

      In the end, you consider what gear you have right now, what heroes you will equip them with, and what other heroes you will place with the same team, and choose based on that.

    • 0

      level 1 Shadow


      Thank for your reply. Currently I have all 3 legend sets for support. I will consider your suggestion. Thanks again. :)

  • 0

    level 1 hoangphu

    tks for the guide

  • 0

    level 1 CAPTLEE


    This is my favourite article thus far. It gave me the basics of what end game gear looks like. I just wish grinding legend sets wasn't such a slow process. But I agree that this game isn't pay 2 win to the degree most games are. It would also be helpful to have a similar guide for rare gear since it is accessible to everyone in the game. I also want to know how often new sets will be released?

    • 0

      level 12 Meii


      Returners began its service back in 2016 December (for KR), and the latest Legendary set was added back in 2017 March. This was when the Shining Goddess set for support and the Launcher set for ranger was released and there haven't been any new Legendaries ever since. So it's hard to predict in what intervals the Legendary sets are added to the game.

      As for the Rare gear, they are not used in the end gear sets except Swashbuckler Boots or Scarlet Necklace most of the times so we didn't cover that. And there's the possibility that some readers might be confused if we recommend too many gear sets since there are many types of gear in Returners. But we will cover the Rare recommendations if we get the chance. Thanks!

  • 0

    level 1 Tainlin


    Thanks for the guide! What do we need to know about 7 gear sets and what is coming?

    • 0

      level 1 Urubu


      Yea , i noticed they used 7* gear update to rebalance sets abit. You guys wrote this guide for 6*i quess . Are you gonna update it ?

  • 0

    level 1 acaquino22


    does cd decrease also affects the cd of ultimate?

    • 0

      level 14 Meii


      Nope, skill cd for normal skills and they have a separate stat for ultimate cd.

      "Skill CD x% Decrease" => For normal skills
      "Ultimate Skill CD x% Decrease" => For ults

    • 0

      level 1 acaquino22


      okay, thanks.

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