Defeat the Powerful Boss and Aim for Two Types of Rewards! Returners Raid Guide


In Raids, players work together to defeat a boss monster and receive completion and contributions rewards. The difficulty and rewards change depending on which league the player is in.


The Raid is divided into League and Guild Raids, each with different timeframes and rewards. The League Raid becomes available every saturday at midnight, and the Guild Raid is available at 9:00 PM on every Monday and Wednesday. The League Raid provides both completion and contribution rewards, but the Guild Raid only gives guild points to the player.


Players are given 10 attempts for both Raids, and those attempts are recharged on a regular basis. In order to make the most of your limited attempts, you can play the Practice Raid first to figure out what your strongest hero combinations are.


You can check what Raid is available for your league and the Practice Raid by opening the Raid screen. Clicking the portrait shows the total boss damage rank; this shows the damage dealt across all the boss stages.


On the right, you can find information on the boss, such as the remaining time, remaining HP, and completion rewards. You can also check the previous and next bosses on this screen.


You can see the Practice Raid and your league Raid
You can check the aggregated damage done to the boss and the completion rewards of each boss


There is a different Boosted Hero every week; these heroes can help out a lot in the Raid. You can check by clicking View Boosted Heroes, and the screen shows the hero’s portrait, acquirement info, and increased stats.


After checking all the details, it’s the time to go to your battle settings. In the Raid, the Adventure team is the one fighting the boss, and a player can also use Tactic Cards to provide some aid. However, the battle formation cannot be changed, and the target change is also absent since there’s only one target.


When the fight is over, you can check how much damage you have dealt to the raid boss and the aggregate amount as well.


The damage dealt to the boss and the aggregate amount are shown after the fight is over


There are 6 stages of the Raid, and each stage provides different completion rewards. These can be obtained regardless of your participation.


There is also a different level of contribution rewards apart from the completion rewards. There are 7 grades; 0% - 1%, 2% - 4%, 5% - 9%, 10% - 14%, 15% - 19%, 20% - 29%, and 30% - 100%. Tap on View Contribution Reward to see which contribution grade you are in at the time. The contribution applies to all 6 stages of the Raid, so you can receive the rewards only once.


Available rewards based on your level of contribution

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