Basic Guide to the League in Returners: Prove Yourself by Battling against Other Players to Get Rewards!


The League is where players can form a team and play against other players. Players will be able to participate in the League only after they take the placement test (Proving Ground) and are placed in a rank.

The League follows a fixed weekly schedule, and you will be ranked and get rewards based on the number of wins and losses you get. Participants will get rewards according to the rank they get after the League ends.



■ Proving Ground: Placement Test in the League

Players need to take the placement test in the ‘Proving Ground’ before they can actually play in the League. The Proving Ground will decide what rank the player will begin their next league in, and they will be entering the actual League based on the rank they get from the Proving Ground.


▲As a newbie, you will be playing in the Proving Ground before you actually get to join the League.


The placement tests (the Proving Ground) can be entered immediately after you finish the tutorial, and the placement test will end 48 hours after you first enter. You will start at Bronze 5 and can gradually be promoted to higher ranks by racking up victories.

You can make it to the Gold league at the most, and you will get rewards every time you are promoted. Check the ‘Upgrade Reward’ section on the left side of the screen to see what rewards you will be getting. Once the placement games are over, you will get different rewards based on your final rank. You can get 15,000 Demonstones if you manage to be promoted to the Gold league, and since Demonstones are valuable, try to make it to Gold if possible. Tap on ‘Proving Ground Completion Reward’ to see more details.


▲ The Proving Ground. You cannot enter it once the first 48 hours are over.


Players are not allowed to directly interfere with the battles in the League and the Proving Ground. This means that you cannot use any Tactic Cards or targets changes to turn a game around. Because of this, the team placement and battle settings for the League become very important. The Tactic Cards in the League are activated automatically after a certain amount of time or when certain conditions are met.

In the League battle settings, you can prepare your team just as you would in Adventure mode; you can alter your battle formation, Tactic Cards, targeting, battle stance, etc. and start the battle by tapping on ‘Start Battle’.


▲ The battle settings for the Proving Ground.


■ Done with the Excercise, Ready for the Actual League!

The League will appear 48 hours after you have entered the Proving Ground. The League has a different interface from the Proving Ground so new players may feel a little lost.

The first thing you see when entering the League is the schedule. On the left side are the weekday tabs; there are a total of 6 games starting from 11 AM to 9 PM from Monday to Saturday, and a total of 3 games from 11 AM to 3 PM on Sundays.

The league ends early on Sunday because the Tournament is held on that day at 5 PM. Tournament is a part of the League that takes the top 6 players within a league and pits them against each other; it has a hero ban system and other players in the same league can participate by predicting the winner in order to get rewards.


▲ You can check the battle schedule and your opponent players in the schedule tab.


▲ While the League ends early on Sunday, the Tournament will start at 5 o’clock in the afternoon.


You can check the match times and find some details on your opponents through the League schedule. You can see your and opponent team’s CP and the Tactic Card slots; you can only see the colour of your own Tactic Cards if the battle hasn’t been fought yet. You will be able to see the colour of your opponent’s Tactic Cards only when the match has ended.

You will fight against the same player 3 times in total during the 39 matches, and your record against that opponent will be shown below the ‘VS’ section. Each player’s total wins and losses in the League will be shown below their portrait, and the ‘R’ stands for player’s position in the league.

Just like in the placement matches, you can change the battle settings by tapping the ‘Battle’ button. The battle will follow the schedule so you may not be able to start fighting right away, but you can simulate your own battles by tapping ‘View Simulation’.


▲ It may seem complex at first since it shows a bunch of information.


Once the battle ends, the ‘View Game’ button will appear. By tapping on it, you can check how the battle went and get bonus rewards. Although you cannot change anything since you are replaying past battles, it can still help you come up with future strategies.

After you have watched the replay by tapping ‘View Game’, you can claim your match rewards. The match rewards differ depending on how the match went, based on the match result, match time, surviving heroes, whether Tactic Cards were activated, bonus kills, etc. These extra rewards can be obtained even if you lose, so try to actively use Tactic Cards and strategies during the League.


▲ You won’t know whether you won or not until you see the match.


▲ The game result, game time, surviving heroes, Tactic Cards, etc. affect what rewards you get.


■ If You Want to Climb to Higher Ranks, Focus on Your Standings

You will be given a rank based on the number of wins and loses you got in the League. The ranks are directly connected with the League rewards so it should be one of the things you pay careful attention to. There are currently 6 leagues, from Bronze to Crystal, and each league has different requirements for promotion.

For example, players placed in the Gold league, the highest league you can be promoted to during the Proving Ground, will need to make it to 6th place in the standings in order to be promoted to the Platinum league and have to have at least 21,000 CP. You will also be demoted back to the Gold league if you fall under rank 9 for the Platinum league and above.

Your rank is determined mainly by the number of wins you get, but is also based on the number of enemy heroes you killed, how many times your heroes died, total damage dealt, and your highest CP.

You can check yours and other players’ standings within the same league in the ‘Standings’ tab. You can check other player’s team compositions by tapping on the player name in the list of the standings; you can use that information to prepare your own team strategies and compositions. You can also see your weekly standings organized in a graph on the right side of the screen.

You will get rewards, Relics, and Rare Relics; the higher your rank is, the more rewards you will get.


▲ Tap on the ‘Standings’ tab to see the league standings. It is always a good idea to learn about your opponents, especially the ones placed higher than you.


▲ There are different levels of rewards for each rank, and the promotion and demotion conditions are different as well.



■ Which One of My Heroes Is the Strongest?

You can check different kinds of data in the ‘Records’ tab. First of all, you will be able to see your team rank for each division (there are a total of 12 divisions), starting from kill count, attack, total defense, and so on. You will be able to see the total record of the players within the same league. You can receive rewards before the next season starts if you were placed 1~3rd place out of all players within the same league.

In the ‘League Record’ tab, you can see what each of your heroes scored. There are 3 categories - the number and rate of survival, kills, etc. based on the number of games; the overall ranking based on attack, physical damage, magical damage; and the overall ranking based on defense and HP recovery. You can see the different categories by swiping left or right.

In the ‘Total Record’ tab, you can see the total record as well as the most used heroes and Tactic Cards. You can check out the season score comparison and the MVP heroes from your team for each season in the ‘Season Record’ tab.


▲ You can see data from the League in the ‘Records’ tab and even claim rewards.


▲ You can also see which heroes were selected as MVPs during the season.


▲ The rank rewards are quite good, actually.

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