Returners Interface: What Are the Icons in the Main Screen for and What Can You Do in Each Feature


There are a lot of icons on the main screen and it might be a bit overwhelming for newcomers. Some features should not be ignored, and some are not available until you reach a certain Rank. This guide will tell you everything you need to know in the main interface.


■ Top of the screen - Master information and Resources



On the top of the screen, your Master name, Master Rank, current time, and your resources are displayed. On the leftmost side is your Master Rank. Some features are locked until you reach a certain Master Rank, and you will get Altar Essence, Bluestones, and a max Energy increase as rewards when your Master Rank goes up. You can change your account icon, select country, and logout by clicking on the Rank button.

The resources are used in various activities in the game. The lightning icon is your Energy. Energy is required to enter dungeons and Adventure stages, and your max Energy will increase as your Master Rank goes up.

Bluestones and Gold are in-game currencies that are used to buy gear, summon Heroes, and enhance gear. Bluestones are obtainable by completing Achievements and Missions or through microtransaction. Bluestones are used in drawing rare gear, summoning Heroes without having to meet their requirements, or buying Energy. Gold is used in enhancing gear or combining Rune bits. Gold is available in most of the features including Adventure, League, and Raid.

The Red Heart points are called Friendship Points, and are obtained from your friends.

On the rightmost side, the yellow star icon will show you your daily missions, weekly missions, achievements, and is where you claim rewards for completing them. The quill pen icon is for bulletin board and chat. You can also check what other players think about certain Heroes, gear, or Tactic Cards in this menu.


■ Bottom of the screen - Essential features of the game



On the bottom of the screen, there are icons for some essential parts of the game. You can manage your team, enhance or sell your gear, and buy items here.

Team: You can manage your Heroes and compose teams for League and Adventure.

Inventory: You can view the items you have and sell unnecessary gear (you can sell many at once by clicking on the Sell Multiple button or sell certain types of gear by clicking on the Sell by Filter button.)

Friend: You can check your friends list or add more friends. In the friends list, you can duel your friend and send Friendship Points to receive 2 Energy Points per friend. In the Make Friend tab you can look for a friend, add someone to your friends list, and check if you have any pending friend requests.

Shop: You can purchase Heroes and gear by spending Bluestones or Gold, or do microtransactions to buy Bluestones or other in-game items.

Codex: Here you can see the information for all Heroes and gear. In the gear tab you can see the list of all gear sorted by class and rarity. The gear that you currently have will be displayed as “Owned”. In the Hero tab you can see the list of all Heroes sorted by class and how to obtain them. Tactic Cards are sorted by color, and you can click on them to see detailed information.

Tourney: The Tournament opens every Sunday. If you are in the top 6 in the League, you will move on to the Tournament. If you did not make it to the Tournament, you can do other things like predict the winner.

Combiner: You can combine gear and materials. In the gear combiner, you can combine a bunch of equipment for a chance to make new gear. In the consumable item combiner, you can combine upgrade/enhancement materials to make upgraded versions of the items.

League: The League is a PvP mode where your League Team fights other players’ league teams. You can check League schedules and your ranking in the current tier, or manage your League team.

Adventure: Adventure is the core PvE content of the game. You can get gear, Hero/Master exp, and Gold through Adventure. There are a total of 6 chapters in Adventure, and each chapter has 5 areas. There are 10 stages in each area and you can only move on to next area when you clear all 10 stages.


■ Middle of the screen - Other Features



In the middle of the main screen there are features like Specter Chase, Dungeons, and Raid. These features are not mandatory to the gameplay, but will help you a lot with progression.

Mailbox: The rewards you receive, including Energy, Friendship Points, and Draw Tickets, will be sent to you via the Mailbox.

Dungeon: The dungeons will give you the materials necessary for gear or Hero progression. There are five types of dungeons - Skill Dungeon, Upgrade Material Dungeon, Rune Dungeon, Enhance Material Dungeon, and Challenge Dungeon. For Rune Dungeon and Challenge Dungeon, you need to have a specific Hero in the team or compose a team of only designated classes. Some dungeons are locked in the beginning, but will unlock as your Master Rank goes up.

Raid: The Raid opens every Saturday. The Raid will be available after you become eligible to join the League. The practice raid is always available, so you can experiment to find the best team comp for raid in the practice raid.

Exploration: Exploration opens at Master Rank 8. In Exploration, you can send your Heroes that are not in the League or the Adventure team to kill a monster for various rewards. The success rate will change depending on the Hero’s CP, and it will take some time to see whether the Exploration succeeded or failed. The Status and equipment of the Heroes that are in Exploration cannot be changed.

Arena: The Arena is a PvP mode where you pick 9 Heroes and fight another player with 3 teams of 3 Heroes. You can earn Arena Medals in the Arena, and buy consumable items, Heroes, and Tactic Cards in the Arena shop. The Arena opens at Master Rank 10.

Guild: You can join or create a guild in the guild menu. When you are in a guild, you can receive guild attendance rewards and participate in the guild raid. The guild menu opens at Master Rank 11.

Altar: In the Altar you can upgrade your Altars that give you different resources. There are four Altars - Hero Altar, Energy Altar, Gear Altar, and Rune Altar. From the Hero Altar and Energy Altar you can receive exp books and Energy Points. The Gear Altar gives you Gear Enhancement Materials, and the Rune Altar will allow you to transfer Rune bits between different Heroes. You will get one Altar Essence when your Master Rank goes up, and you can spend the Altar Essence to upgrade your Altars for bigger rewards. The Altar opens at Master Rank 15.

Specter Chase: Specter Chase is a dungeon where you start from the 1st floor and clear each floor until you reach the 16th floor. Your team composition might be limited in certain floors, (can only use 1 Hero, can only use 3 Heroes, etc.) and you cannot use the Heroes that you used on a previous floor again in the same day. You will get different rewards by clearing each floor, and will receive a reset ticket every midnight to start again from the 1st floor. Specter Chase opens at Master Rank 30.

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