Returners Guild System Basics: Join a Guild for Attendance Rewards and Guild Raid


In a Guild, players can receive attendance rewards and enjoy co-op content like raids. You can receive attendance rewards by simply joining a guild. The guild system opens at Master Rank 15, and there are no other prerequisites to join a guild.

In the guild menu, you can either join a guild or create your own guild. If you click on the guild button when you are not in a guild, you will see three tabs: Join, Create, and Pending. In the Join tab you can see the list of guilds that are currently recruiting members.

When joining a guild, you do not need the guild master’s approval to join an Auto-Join guild. You will be a member of an Auto-Join guild as soon as you click on the Join button. If you want to join an Approval Required guild, you will have to click on the Join button and wait for the guild master to approve your request. You can check the guild that you have requested to join in the Pending tab, and you can cancel your request on this page as well.

If you want to create your own guild, click on the Create tab and choose your Guild Sigil on the left side and enter your guild name on the right side. It costs 300,000 Gold to create a guild. Only the guild master can change the Guild Sigil and edit the guild introduction message. When you are in a guild, you will see your guild information in the guild menu.


▲ The Guild menu when you are not in a guild.
▲ You can choose the Guild Sigil, enter a guild name, and create your own guild in the Create tab.


On the left side of the Guild Info tab, you can see other guild members’ information, including their Heroes and team composition. You can claim guild attendance rewards and check guild attendance at the bottom left side. On the right side, you can leave the guild or enter the Guild Battle, which is scheduled for a future update.

In the Guild Activity tab, you can see the list of members who have checked in for attendance. The list will refresh at midnight every day. Lastly, in the Guild Shop tab, you can spend Guild Points to buy Relics, EXP books, and Mozart, a Support Hero. Guild Points are obtainable via guild raids.


▲ The Guild menu when you are in a guild. You can check attendance and receive attendance rewards at the bottom of the screen.
▲ The Guild Shop has many useful items.


■ Guild Attendance Rewards and Guild Raid

Guild attendance rewards will be different depending on the number of guild members who have checked in the day before. If at least 1 person has checked in, you will receive Gold as a reward. If more than 10 people checked in, you will receive Gold, Relics, and Enhancement Materials. The amount will increase as more people check in. The attendance rate and the deadline is displayed at the bottom left corner next to the Attendance Check button.


▲ Guild attendance rewards list.

Guild Raid is a mode that is only available when you are in a guild. Guild Raid opens at 9:00 pm on every Monday and Wednesday. The boss can resurrect a maximum of 6 times, and the reward will be better for each sequential resurrection. You can enter the raid a maximum of three times, and will get one additional opportunity per hour. The reward for clearing a raid will be given to all guild members, regardless of participation.

▲ Click on the button to start the guild raid.
▲ Boss damage ranking. The rewards will be the same for everyone who has participated.
▲ Click on the boss image card to view results and claim rewards.
▲ If you forgot go claim the rewards, they will be sent to you via your mailbox.

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